Associates Program/Curriculum

In today’s 24-hour news environment, media is king.  The successful attorney is often the one who can use the media to his client’s advantage; the successful legal journalist is often the one who can explain complicated legal issues to the public in a way that is interesting and clear.  The Program in Law and Journalism (PLJ) curriculum is designed to meet the growing demand for both media savvy legal practitioners and adept legal journalists. 

Students interested in a deeper understanding of the intersection of law and journalism or who desire to sharpen their writing skills (for print and/or online journalism outlets) are invited to take the courses below on an a la carte basis. Beyond the Program’s specific classroom-based offerings, PLJ offers Project-based courses, offering students the opportunity to work on various projects, and write for Legal As She is Spoke, chosen by the ABA as one of the top 100 legal blogs worldwide for the last two years. Students will be credited as authors or researchers for these projects.   

Associates Program

Students wishing to explore careers in legal journalism or media law may opt for the Program’s full academic menu and become PLJ Associates, graduating with a ‘concentration in law and journalism.’   Through our contacts, exciting externships are available to a number of our Associates.  The Associates option is a new and growing component to the Program.

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Associates MUST take Legal Journalism I, II, III and IV and 1 (one) course listed below.

Project-Based Learning Courses and Seminars

  • Legal Journalism I, II, III, and IV

Classroom Courses

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