IMPACT: Collected Essays on the Threat of Economic Inequality (July 2015)

ICPI-Economic-Inequality-Publication-2015-F-1-coveThis publication of the Impact Center for Public Interest Law and the Racial Justice Project at New York Law School was developed in conjunction with the Impact Center’s April 2015 symposium Tackling Economic Inequality.  It features 17 articles by prominent policymakers, nonprofit leaders, advocates and scholars on the following topics:

  • The Challenge of Economic Inequality;
  • Housing and Community;
  • Criminal Justice Reform;
  • Political Participation;
  • Reproductive Rights and Women’s Equality;
  • Protecting Families; and
  • Lessons from New York City.


Contributors include: Richard R. Buery, Jr.; the Honorable Fern Fisher; Steven W. Bender; Elise C. Boddie; Andrew Scherer; Michael Pinard; SpearIt; Erika L. Wood; Reginald T. Shuford; Ronald F. Day; J. Gerald Hebert; Janet Crepps & Kelly Baden; Kele M. Stewart; Ellen Yaroshefsky & Anna Schwedel; Melanie Hartzog & Patti Banghart; Jennifer Jones Austin; and Steven Banks.

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rjp-ss-300x200The Racial Justice Project is a legal advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional and civil rights of people who have been denied those rights on the basis of race and to increase public awareness of racism and racial injustice in the areas of education, employment, political participation, and criminal justice. The Racial Justice Project’s advocacy includes litigation, training, and public education. Professor Deborah Archer serves as Faculty Director. For more information and to visit their website, please click here.



June 2012

The New York Law School Racial Justice Project and the Racial Justice Program of the American Civil Liberties Union co-authored a report on food deserts —areas with either no access or limited access to fresh, affordable food—and the impact on communities of color.  The report is titled Unshared Bounty:  How Structural Racism Contributes to the Creation and Persistence of Food Deserts.  For more about the report, click here.