New York Law School has its own Residence Hall in Manhattan exclusively for New York Law School students*. The Residence Hall is located at 81 East 3rd Street (in the East Village). The rent ranges from approximately $1430-$1960 per month, per person.  The leasing term is for approximately 12-months, August 18, 2014-July 16, 2015 for entering students. We offer 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartments. Each apartment has a kitchen and full bathroom.

When searching for apartments, the majority of landlords and apartment managers list their available apartments 4-6 weeks before they are available. If you find an apartment in early June, chances are that the landlord will want you to sign a lease to move in July. We provide information on a couple of realtors to work with students, and a Housing Guide that offers tips on searching for apartments. Students are responsible to pay any fees (if applicable) when using realtors and management companies.

Feel free to contact the NYLS Housing Office if you require further assistance or additional information, including apartment listings we sometimes receive. We can be reached at housing@nyls.edu or 212.431.2166.

NOTE: New York Law School reserves the right to rent to faculty or, in the event of vacancies, to students from other institutions.