Academic Advising

New York Law School admits students it considers able to succeed in its academic program, to graduate, to pass the bar examination, and to engage in productive careers. Nevertheless, at one time or another, students may need help in adjusting to school, in mastering a subject, or in making decisions about their professional education. The Law School has established a variety of avenues to anticipate and respond to such needs.

Academic Advising

Throughout the academic year, the Office of Academic Advising and Career Development conducts sessions on succeeding in law school, study skills, course selection, and other academic planning. Counselors in the Office are available to meet with students individually to discuss preparation for class and for exams, stress, course selection, and any and all issues that may affect students’ academic performance.

Writing Specialist

The Writing Program offers the services of a Writing Specialist to assist students in developing their writing skills. The Writing Specialist works with students on an individual basis and also conducts workshops on specific topics. Students may consult the Writing Specialist on their own initiative and may benefit from analysis of a writing diagnostic instrument administered through the Writing Program.

Summer Advantage Institute and Academic Success Program

Entering students are invited to participate in the Summer Advantage Institute and the Academic Success Program. There is no charge or academic credit for participating in these programs.

The Summer Advantage Institute (SAI) is a condensed introductory course in legal method offered during the summer before the first year. Students choose between two programs. The program demystifies law school by exposing participants to the full cycle of a law school course—from first assignment through final examination—in a short period of time.

Then, continuing through the first academic year, the Academic Success Program (ASP) offers participants weekly tutorial meetings with upper class Teaching Fellows. Each Teaching Fellow is assigned to work with a group of students from one of the sections of the Day Division or the Evening Division. Beyond providing training in learning skills, Teaching Fellows help students address problems directly related to law school, such as dealing with stress and adjusting to participation in law school classes, preparing assignments, and studying for examinations.

The Office of Academic Advising and Career Development can also assist upper-level students who experience academic difficulty with locating and obtaining tutoring services.