Dispute Resolution Team

New York Law School’s Dispute Resolution Team (DRT) is a student-led organization that represents NYLS in competitions based on alternative dispute resolution methods and lawyering skills. Competitors gain experience in client interviewing, client counseling, negotiating, mediating, and arbitrating in a variety of practice areas.

Students may gain membership to the team by successfully competing in one of two annual competitions: the Intramural Negotiation Competition in the spring semester, or the Summer Write-On Competition held before the fall semester commences. DRT Executive Board and its Faculty Advisors, oversee the team’s activities and contribute to the team’s growing success by strategizing and mooting for competitions. Students may earn academic credit through membership, which requires active involvement in competitions, trainings, and mooting of fellow teammates.

Faculty Advisors

Kris L. Franklin
Professor of Law
Director, Academic Initiatives
Co-Director, Initiative for Excellence in Law Teaching
Co-Advisor, Dispute Resolution Team

F. Peter Phillips
Professor of Law
Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law
Director, Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program
Co-Advisor, Dispute Resolution Team

2020–21 Executive Board

Mariella Rutigliano, President
Shervica Gonzalez, Vice President
Brooke Pearlman, Competition Chair
Jaklin Guyumjyan, Training Coordinator
Lucia McMurray, Senior Editor
Alexandra Deplas, Community Liaison


April 2018

9th Annual Intramural Competition
New York Law School | New York, NY
April 14, 2018

Finalists: Alice Charkhchyan and Monika Dziewa (winners) v.  Tiffany Kong and Kelsey Miller

Finalists of New York Law School's Intramural Competition pose with certificates

From left to right: Monika Dziewa 1L, Alice Charkhchya 1L, Tiffany Kong 2L, Kelsey Miller 2L. Finalists.

Winners pose with commemorative certificates after the 9th annual event

From left to right: Monika Dziewa 1L, Alice Charkhchya 1L. Winners.

March 2018

25th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot
University of Vienna | Vienna, Austria
March 22–29, 2018

Competitors: Ryan Callinan, James McGowan, Qualia Hendrickson, and Tiffany Schneider
Coaches: Tarrian Ellis and Professor F. Peter Phillips

four students pose in front of austrian building

From left to right: James McGowan 2L, Qualia Hendrickson 3L, Tiffany Schneider 3L, Ryan Callinan 2L

a group of students pose against a stunning backdrop of a austrian building at sunset

From left to right: Ryan Callinan 2L, Tiffany Schneider 3L, Qualia Hendrickson 3L, James McGowan 2L

6th Annual National Basketball Negotiation Competition
Fordham University School of Law | New York, NY
March 2–3, 2018

First Place: Team A
Best Advocate Award: Tarrian Ellis
Competitors Team A: Tarrian Ellis and Stephanie Torres
Competitors Team B: Courtney Deblois and Dana Mallon
Coaches Team A: Kayla Fonesca and Evan Rosenberg
Coaches Team B: Sophie Heinlein and Danielle Mabe

three negotiation champions and their coach pose with trophies

From left to right: Evan Rosenberg 3L (coach), Tarrian Ellis 3L, Stephanie Torres 3L, Kayla Fonseca 3L (coach). First Place.

Working group of negotiation competition

From left to right: Opposing team, Tarrian Ellis 3L, Stephanie Torres 3L, mediator.

February 2018

ABA Law Student Division Mediation Competition  |  NYLS Hosted
New York Law School | New York, NY
February 23–24, 2018

Coordinator: Sabrina Ball

13th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition
ICC Headquarters | Paris, France
February 2–7, 2018

Competitors: Sabrina Ball, Kayla Canasi, Courtney Cremeans, and Gina Pittore
Coach: Professor F. Peter Phillips

Professor Phillips and students pose outdoors in Paris, France

From left to right: Kayla Canasi 2L, Gina Pittore 2L, Professor F. Peter Phillips (coach), Courtney Cremeans 3L, Sabrina Ball 3L.