Law Review

lrev-ssThe New York Law School Law Review is a journal of legal scholarship edited and published by students at New York Law School four times a year. The Law Review publishes articles, notes, comments, essays, book reviews, and speeches on many areas of legal scholarship. It also hosts symposia and events that are developed by the Law Review’s editorial staff in collaboration with the New York Law School faculty and academic centers, and in partnership with other organizations. The Law Review also publishes original content online and develops a number of noteworthy projects, including publication of the annual Law Review Diversity Report and the Visual Scholarship Project.

The Law Review has both a scholarly and an educational mission. It serves as an academic forum for legal scholarship, and is intended to provide effective research materials for judges, attorneys, and students of the law. The Law Review also offers its students an important learning experience, providing opportunities for members to develop their own editing and writing skills, as well as other critical skills that are relevant to successful law practice, including among others: communication, organizational, project management, and editing skills. Indeed, the Law Review’s educational purpose is as important as its scholarly purpose.

The Law Review is one of the largest law reviews in the United States, led by an editorial board assisted by staff editors, online staff editors, and members working together with a faculty publisher to make all editorial and publication decisions.

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