Advocacy Program

The NYLS Advocacy Program will offer students interested in litigation the opportunity to earn an Advocacy Certificate in Civil, Criminal, or Appellate Advocacy. This program will offer students guidance about how to combine skills courses with writing and doctrinal courses to develop proficiency in an area of litigation.

Students interested in litigation can earn an Advocacy Certificate by taking a combination of procedure, writing, and skills courses. The Advocacy Program has three tracks: civil, criminal, and appellate. Each track culminates in a clinical, field placement, or externship experience in which students put the skills they’ve learned into practice.

Required Courses

Core Curriculum

Civil Procedure (1L)
Evidence (Recommended in 2L year for students pursuing the Advocacy Certificate.)
Legal Practice I (1L)
Legal Practice II (1L)


You must take one of the following courses:
Advanced Appellate Advocacy
Advocacy of Criminal Cases
Intensive Trial and Advocacy Skills
Trial Advocacy

Advocacy Electives

Choose a track: civil litigation, criminal litigation, or appellate advocacy. You must take at least three courses and at least 7 credits within your track.

Civil Litigation

Anatomy of a New York State Divorce Action*
Children and the Law in Practice
Deposition Skills
Drafting: Litigation
Electronic Discovery
Family Law in Practice
Landlord and Tenant Law
Litigating Copyright and Trademark Cases*
Medical Malpractice
Memo and Brief Writing
Negotiating, Counseling, and Interviewing
Negotiation: Theory and Practice
New York Practice
Pre-Trial Advocacy
Tax Litigation Seminar
Visual Persuasion in the Law

Criminal Litigation

Advocacy of Criminal Cases
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
Criminal Procedure: Investigation
Drafting: Litigation
Memo and Brief Writing
Negotiating, Counseling, and Interviewing
Negotiation: Theory and Practice
Visual Persuasion in the Law

Appellate Advocacy

Advanced Appellate Advocacy
Judicial Externship Placement and Seminar
Memo and Brief Writing
— Moot Court

Experiential Electives

Choose one. Students may substitute one of the listed co-curricular programs for an elective with permission of the Advocacy Program Director.

Clinics, Field Placements, and Externships

Asylum Clinic
Criminal Defense Clinic
Criminal Prosecution Clinic — (New York County)
Criminal Prosecution Clinic — (Kings County)
Education Law Clinic
Elder Law and Guardianship Field Placement and Seminar
Externships (Must involve advocacy work and be approved)
Housing Rights Clinic
Immigration Law and Litigation Clinic
New York City Law Department Tort Defense Field Placement and State and Local Government Seminar
Post-Conviction Innocence Clinic
Securities Arbitration Clinic

Co-Curricular Programs

Moot Court Association (With permission)
— Trial Competition Team (With permission)

*Not offered 2020–21

More clinics and courses may be available. Check with the Office of Clinical and Experiential Learning.

Students interested in applying to the Advocacy Program can do so here. For questions or inquiries, please contact Director of the Advocacy Program, Professor Mariana Hogan at or 212.431.2173.