Civil Justice and National Advocacy


The goal of this course is to engage students in learning and applying the skills of public policy and legislative advocacy, focused on issues related to protecting consumer access to the civil courts and consumer health and safety.

The Clinic

Students will work with the Center for Justice and Democracy, a civil justice advocacy organization, on various projects designed to raise awareness about legislative attacks on individual access to the civil courts. In a time when so-called ‘tort reform’ once again appears to be at the center of political scrutiny, CJ&D has a mission to increase public awareness of the value of the civil justice system and to fight to protect access to the civil courts. Students are expected to regularly devote a minimum of 6.5 hours per week to clinic work.

Topics of interest will include:

  • Consumer and worker rights
  • Human and civil rights
  • Medical malpractice and health care
  • Product safety and environmental cases
  • Corporate accountability
  • Federal regulations
  • Constitutional rights

In the Civil Justice and National Advocacy Clinic, students will:

  • Work directly with CJ&D’s staff as well as lawyers, lobbyists and activists from around the country
  • Write legislative analysis and memos for legislative committees
  • Prepare advocacy materials and policy papers
  • Assist with Congressional testimony
  • Discuss current civil justice subjects with practitioners and opinion leaders in the field
  • Participate in a day trip to Washington DC to experience government first-hand, including visits to the offices of national lawmakers and lobbyists

Past projects students have completed:

Recommended for the following Professional Pathways: Civil Rights/Civil Liberties; Criminal Defense; Criminal Prosecution; Family Law; Government/Public Sector; Immigration; International Law/Human Rights; Labor and Employment; General Practice – Litigation/Dispute Resolution; Health Care Management and Compliance

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Instructor: Adjunct Professor Joanne Doroshow
2 Credits (Spring Semester Course)

Approved for Experiential Learning Requirement.
Enrollment is Limited. Registration is Binding.

Course Description
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