Conservation Law and Policy Clinic


Students will work on projects from The Nature Conservancy (a leading national and global conservation organization, based in Arlington, VA) as assigned through the Senior VP/General Counsel of TNC. These projects would cover legal and related policy issues related to TNC’s work in the public and private arenas.

The Clinic

The Conservation Law and Policy Clinic gives students the opportunity to work on projects related to policies issues in conservation and environmental law. During the clinic, students may have the opportunity to work on:

  • position papers on public conservation issues
  • education materials for the website
  • private conservation transactions facilitated by TNC
  • legislative work

The students will work on some projects jointly, others alone, but will meet as a working collaborative group to discuss each others’ work, make suggestions, provide feedback, etc. The semester will begin with readings and class meetings led by the professor to provide a common background for all participants on conservation law. Class meetings will continue throughout the year, approximately every other week. Students should expect to devote a minimum of 4 hours per week to clinic work.

Recommended for the following Professional Pathways:  Real Estate and Land Use; Tax; Government/Public Sector; General Practice – Litigation/Dispute Resolution

Center Related Information:  With permission of the CRES Director and pending admission, CRES Harlan Scholars and CRES Associates may complete this course in fulfillment of the CRES Capstone Project requirement.

**Note: per ABA rules, this course may only be used for one graduation requirement. Students must communicate with the Registrar by the end of the spring term to elect to count the course for either writing requirement or experiential learning requirement.

Links and Logistics

Professor Gerald Korngold
No Pre-Requisites
Full-year course
Credits: Fall: 1 Credit, Spring: 2 Credits

Approved for Experiential Learning Requirement.
Enrollment is limited. Registration is binding.

Course Description:Conservation Law and Policy Clinic
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