Criminal Prosecution Clinic (New York County)


The Criminal Prosecution Clinic – NY (“CPC-NY”) engages students in the prosecution of criminal cases in conjunction with the Manhattan District Attorney (“DANY”). The course begins with a six-week intensive training program. Afterwards students begin fieldwork devoting three full days per week.

The Clinic

The course begins with an intensive six-week training program. Afterwards,students begin fieldwork devoting three full days per week. Students will work in the Quality of Life part of the Criminal Court under the direct supervision of experienced ADAs who are adjunct faculty members.

Students will:

  • conduct investigations and prepare discovery,
  • appear at court calendar calls,
  • engage in motion practice,
  • prepare cases for hearings and trial,
  • conduct hearings and trials.

Once fieldwork commences, the seminar will meet twice weekly for two hours and will include:

  • case rounds,
  • skills training,
  • substantive criminal law and procedure,
  • ethics and professional responsibility as necessitated by the students’ case work,
  • consideration of existing policies and procedures and proposed systemic reforms in the criminal justice system.

In the fall students will receive 7 credits. In the Spring, students will receive 6 credits. Fieldwork will continue on a three full-day a week basis, and the seminar will continue to meet once a week for an-hour-and-forty minutes.

Students should expect to spend in the Fall semester a minimum of 28 hours per week on the course, including fieldwork and seminars, and in the Spring semester a minimum of 24 hours per week.

The course is graded on a letter basis.

Links and Logistics

Instructors:Professor Lynn Su and Affiliated Adjunct Professors

Credits: 13 Total  Fall: Seminar 7 Credits; Spring: 6 Credits (Full Year Course)

Pre-requisites: Criminal Procedure – Investigation; Evidence; Advocacy of Criminal Cases or Trial Advocacy; Professional Responsibility – Criminal Practice

Trial Advocacy [Mandatory in Fall Semester if not previously taken]; Criminal Procedure – Adjudication [Optional either semester]; Professional Responsibility: Criminal Practice [if not previously taken] 
Course Description:Criminal Prosecution Clinic (New York County)

Course Description: Criminal Prosecution Clinic – (New York County)

Enrollment is limited. Registration is binding.
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