Nonprofit and Small Business Clinic

The Nonprofit & Small Business Clinic provides free corporate legal services to nonprofit organizations and small businesses throughout New York City.

How We Work

Law students, under the supervision of a practicing attorney, take the lead in representing clients. The students enroll in the Clinic for the academic year (September-May) and receive credit and a grade for their participation. Through the clinic, students get hands-on experience working on legal matters for real clients, and clients receive focused, high-quality, free legal representation.

Who Our Clients Are

We work with NYC-area nonprofit and community-based organizations, small for-profit businesses, worker cooperatives, social ventures and neighborhood-based entrepreneurs seeking legal advice to start or operate their organization or enterprise.

We select clients based on a variety of factors including whether the prospective client can otherwise afford to pay market rates for legal services, their potential impact on communities and the timing of their needs. Generally, the Clinic’s services are best suited to nonprofit clients who have received or identified guaranteed sources of funding or for-profit businesses that have started providing goods/services.

We typically limit our services to those whose household income does not exceed 500% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. For 2018, that would be income under $60,700 for household size of 1 person; $82,300 for household size of 2; $103,900 for 3; $125,500 for 4; $147,100 for 5; $168,700 for 6. For businesses with multiple owners, a majority of owners should be under these 500% threshold.

What We Do

We advise on a variety of areas such as corporate formation, governance (by-laws, operating agreements), 501(c)(3) tax-exemption applications, agreements (contracts, leases).

What We Do Not Do

We do not litigate matters, create business plans, develop loan packages or prepare tax returns.

Becoming a Client

If you are interested in becoming a Clinic client, complete our online application form. You can also call the Clinic at 212-431- 2100 (x4742) and leave a message with your contact information. We will follow up with you once we receive your application. We accept applications year round; however, the Clinic runs only from September-May with limited ability to work on matters over the summer.