Regulatory Advocacy Clinic


Students in the Regulatory Advocacy Clinic will work with organizations in their efforts to engage in regulatory advocacy regarding education, economic justice, housing, and consumer issues of public import.

The Clinic

Clinic work will include drafting memos analyzing relevant factual, legal, and policy issues; drafting and submitting letters to administrative agencies; and participating in formal notice and comment rulemaking procedures. In weekly seminar sessions we will cover the basics of administrative law, drafting, and the projects we are working on. We will also have opportunities to work with other clinics at NYLS that are engaged in legislative advocacy. The clinic is comprised of a once-weekly seminar and fieldwork experience. Students will be expected to regularly devote 12-16 hours per week to clinic work.

Recommended for the Following Professional Pathways: Government/Public Sector

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Faculty: Professor Richard Marsico
Approved for Experiential Learning Requirement.
4 CREDITS (Spring Semester Course)

Enrollment is limited. Registration is binding.
Application Required.