Coordinated Course Programs

Last year NYLS established the new  Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program. This program teaches practical skills in the field of conflict avoidance, management, and resolution. Students will take introductory courses in each of three central alternative dispute resolution processes—negotiation, mediation, and arbitration—as well as additional electives, and will earn a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The NYLS Advocacy Program will offer students interested in litigation the opportunity to earn an Advocacy Certificate in Civil, Criminal, or Appellate Advocacy. This program will offer students guidance about how to combine skills courses with writing and doctrinal courses to develop proficiency in an area of litigation. To apply to the Advocacy Program please click HERE.

NYLS has also joined the new Pro Bono Scholars Program, initiated by New York State’s Chief Judge Lippmann. In this program, students can take the bar examination in February of their third year, and then go on to do 450 hours of pro bono work in the remainder of the spring semester, while taking part in a three-credit accompanying class.