Full-Time Faculty

Please find below a listing of all affiliated faculty and their courses associated with the Office of Clinical and Experiential Learning:

Susan Abraham

Professor of Law
Faculty Adviser, Moot Court Association
T: 212-431-2116
E: susan.abraham@nyls.edu
O: E411, 185 West Broadway
Deposition Skills, Advanced Appellate Advocacy

Lenni Benson

Professor of Law
Director, Safe Passage Project
T: 212-431-2336
F: 212-431-1830
E: lenni.benson@nyls.edu
O: C244, 185 West Broadway
Immigration Law and Litigation Clinic; Immigration Practice Seminar and Workshop

Adele Bernhard

Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law
T: 212-431-2813
E: adele.bernhard@nyls.edu
O: E819, 185 West Broadway
Post-Conviction Innocence Clinic

Lloyd Bonfield

Professor of Law
Director, Center for International Law
Director, LL.M. in American Business Law
T: 212-431-2822
E: lloyd.bonfield@nyls.edu
O: E918, 185 West Broadway
Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Team

Frank A. Bress

Professor of Law
Director, Clinical Programs
T: 212-431-2389
F: 212-966-2053
E: frank.bress@nyls.edu
O: E811, 185 West Broadway
Advocacy of Criminal Cases, Criminal Prosecution Clinic (New York County), Criminal Prosecution Clinic (Richmond County), Criminal Prosecution Clinic (Kings County), Criminal Defense Clinic, Deposition Skills, Trial Advocacy

Carol A. Buckler

Professor of Law
T: 212-431-2182
E: carol.buckler@nyls.edu
O: E812, 185 West Broadway
Pre-Trial Advocacy, Deposition Skills

Eugene Cerruti

Professor of Law
T: 212-431-2815
E: eugene.cerruti@nyls.edu
O: E816, 185 West Broadway
Trial Advocacy

Anna Cominsky

Visiting Associate Professor
Supervising Attorney, Criminal Defense Clinic
T: 212-431-2334
E: anna.cominsky@nyls.edu
O: E810, 185 West Broadway
Criminal Defense Clinic, Advocacy of Criminal Cases

Anthony W. Crowell

Dean and President
Professor of Law
T: 212.431.2840
E: anthony.crowell@nyls.edu
O: E216, 185 West Broadway
Municipal Litigation Defense Clinic and City Law Seminar

Stephen J. Ellmann

Martin Professor of Law
Director, Office of Clinical and Experiential Learning
Chair, Clinical Theory Workshops
Co-Chair, South Africa Reading Group
Co-Editor, Clinical Law Teaching and Practice Ejournal
T: 212-431-2392
E: stephen.ellmann@nyls.edu
O: E815, 185 West Broadway
Pro Bono Scholars Program, Clinical Year, Detention in War on Terrorism

David Epstein

Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law
Faculty Adviser, NYLS Trial Competition Team
T: 212-431-2362
E: depstein@nyls.edu
O: C326, 185 West Broadway
Legal Practice, Drafting: Contracts

Ronald Filler

Professor of Law
Director, Graduate Program in Financial Services Law
T: 212.431.2812
E: ronald.filler@nyls.edu
O: C325, 185 West Broadway
Financial Services Workshop and Seminar

Kris Franklin

Professor of Law
Director, Academic Skills Program
Faculty Adviser, Dispute Resolution Team
T: 212-431-2353
E: kris.franklin@nyls.edu
O: C245, 185 West Broadway
Negotiating, Counseling and Interviewing

 Kim Hawkins

Professor of Law
T: 212.324.7910
E: kim.hawkins@nyls.edu
O: 1005, 40 Worth

Civil Rights Clinic 


Mariana Hogan

Professor of Law
Director, Advocacy Program
Director, Externship Program

Faculty Advisor, NYLS Trial Competition Team
T: 212.431.2173
E: mariana.hogan@nyls.edu
O: E814, 185 West Broadway
Advocacy Program, Deposition Skills, Externship Program, Intensive Trial Advocacy Skills, Special Topics in Trial Advocacy, Trial Advocacy

Sandra Janin

Professor of Legal Writing
Director, Upper-Level Writing Elective Program
T: 212-431-2373
F: 212-343-1860
E: sandra.janin@nyls.edu
O:C327, 185 West Broadway
Upper-Level Writing Elective Program

Gerald Korngold

Professor of Law
Program Chair, Center for Real Estate Studies
T: 212-431-2154
F: 212-431-1864
E: gkorngold@nyls.edu
O: E718, 185 West Broadway
Conservation Law and Policy Clinic

Richard D. Marsico

Professor of Law
Director, Law School Pipeline Project
Co-Director, Impact Center for Public Interest Law
T: 212.431.2180
E: richard.marsico@nyls.edu
O: E412, 185 West Broadway
Education Law and PracticeStreet Law

Howard S. Meyers

Professor of Law
Associate Director, Center for Business and Financial Law
T: 212-431-2338
E: howard.meyers@nyls.edu
O: E813, 185 West Broadway
Securities Arbitration Clinic

Ross Sandler

Professor of Law
Director, Center for New York City Law
Editor, CityLaw, CityLand and CityRegs Newsletters
T: 212.431.2869
E: rsandler@nyls.edu
O: E715, 185 West Broadway
Municipal Litigation Defense Clinic and City Law Seminar



Richard K. Sherwin

Wallace Stevens Professor of Law
Dean for Faculty Scholarship
T: 212-431-2868
E: rsherwin@nyls.edu
O: E914, 185 West Broadway
Visual Persuasion in the Law

Peter Strauss

Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law
T: 212.431.2196
E: Peter.Strauss@nyls.edu
O: C553, 185 West Broadway
Elder Law Clinic, Wills Clinic

Lynn Boepple Su

Associate Professor of Law
Faculty Adviser, NYLS Trial Competition Team
T: 212-431-2396
E: lynn.su@nyls.edu
O: C244, 185 West Broadway
Criminal Prosecution Clinic (New York County)

Ruti G. Teitel

Ernst C. Stiefel Professor of Comparative Law; Chair, Global Law and Justice Colloquium; Co-Director, Institute for Global Law, Justice & Policy; Visiting Professor, Hebrew University School of Law, Mt. Scopus; Straus Fellow, NYU Law School’s Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law and Justice (2012-2013); Visiting Fellow, London School of Business
T: 212-431-2322
E: rteitel@nyls.edu
O: E913, 185 West Broadway
International Human Rights Seminar and Workshop, Transitional/Global Justice Network