Our innovative Simulation Courses offer students the opportunity to practice core lawyering tasks and receive valuable feedback.

Simulation Courses

Simulation courses provide an opportunity to practice the skills of lawyering in a controlled setting, in which exercises can be shaped to provide students with challenging tasks from which they can learn without the risk of affecting an actual client’s well-being. Many New York Law School classes, beginning with Legal Practice in the first year, include simulations as part of the process of learning. We list here only upper-level courses in which simulations and lawyering skills are particularly central; some are under the umbrella of the Office of Clinical and Experiential Learning, but some have been created by faculty in other areas of the school. In all of these classes, you will learn a range of lawyering skills in the classroom and in simulated exercises, often video-recorded, with direct feedback from teaching faculty on your performance.

*Advocacy of Criminal Cases requires an OCEL Application.

**Street Law requires an Application an OCEL Application.