Upper-Level Writing Electives Program


Director, Upper-Level Writing Electives Program

Sandra Janin ’75
Professor of Legal Writing, Writing Specialist

Program Administrator

Jose Nogueras

About the Program

Our philosophy is simple; like any other form of writing, good legal writing must be judged on quality, not subject or effort. The quality of writing depends on the skill of the writer and the time invested in the act of writing.

The rules we want students to learn are fundamentally the same as those any writing professor would teach: clarity, precision, and good organization. The good writer is one who, with due regard for the reader, has a point and makes it well. Of course, this is law school, and we are dealing with legal subjects.

Our object is to train professionals to analyze legal issues and communicate that analysis to others. That means we also teach analysis of statutes and case law, the relationship of the law to the case at hand, document and citation format, and the other special needs of the legal audience.

The Upper-Level Writing Electives Program administers ten upper-class writing electives:

All of these electives can satisfy the Writing Requirement if a student earns a B- or better in the course. All classes are taught by full-time faculty or trained adjunct professors.

In addition to the upper-class electives, the Program offers students the services of a Writing Specialist, Professor Sandra Janin, who holds workshops throughout the year on topics covered in the first-year course, and on basic writing and analytical skills.


David Epstein
Associate Professor of Law

Sandra Janin ’75
Professor of Legal Writing

Adjunct Faculty

Daniel S. Abraham
Anne Marie Bowler
Emily Campbell
Pei-Pei Cheng-de Castro ’00
Julia Ann Cort
Mark DeWan
David Fish
Lisa Flischmann
Elizabeth Gertz
Scott G. Goldfinger
Martha Hochberger
Richard M. Horowitz
Thomas Hughes ’85
Judith Kaufman
Dean Leslie
Amy Littman
Robert Marino II ’94
Danielle Mazzini-Daly
Oscar Michelen ’85
Aaron Polak
Michael Resko
Anne-Marie Santangelo
Andrew Turro
Francis J. Valentino
Nancy Waite
Justin A. Xenitelis ’06