Academics and Career Planning


No institutional goal is more fundamental than preparing our students for their careers and helping them succeed as they launch and grow in their professional lives. As New York City’s economy shifts and new industries begin to create and offer new opportunities in growing sectors, our students are moving through a rigorous curriculum aligned with the evolving legal marketplace so that they are equipped to move seamlessly into the evolving worlds of law practice, business, and government. Our expanded experiential courses and professional development program train our students in skills that all employers are looking for: leadership, teamwork, project management, and effective and persuasive communication.

Career Planning

The Career Planning staff at New York Law School is committed to increasing career opportunities for students and graduates by an extensive outreach through well-established networks reaching into all segments of the legal community. The staff includes attorneys and counseling professionals who have held positions in large as well as boutique law firms, in government offices, academic institutions, and public interest organizations.

In career training programs, staff provide the information, skills, and tools necessary for conducting a successful job search and planning a rewarding and satisfying career. It is an incremental, sequential, and highly integrated approach to finding the first job out of law school and becoming a successful professional. This personal attention equips each student with the skills to search for and find an appropriate career path.

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