Advanced Communications Law and Policy Institute

The Advanced Communications Law and Policy Institute (ACLP) at New York Law School studies how law, regulation, and public policy can promote greater access to and informed use of next-generation infrastructure in the advanced communications space and beyond. When it comes to the “supply” of critical services like broadband, the ACLP examines the interplay between policy, investment, and innovation. On the “demand side,” ACLP activities are guided by a desire to promote the importance of digital equity, adoption, and literacy (DEAL) – issues that are critical to creating empowered users but that are all too often overlooked. To ensure that its work is grounded in the “real world” and of practical use to decision-makers, the ACLP regularly consults with policymakers and other experts working to provide critical services. The ACLP endeavors to serve as both a convener of solution-focused initiatives and a resource to those making decisions impacting the provision of key services.