About Us

Mission and Overview

The Advanced Communications Law and Policy Institute (ACLP) at New York Law School focuses on identifying and promoting constructive debate of the key regulatory issues facing the wireline, wireless, broadband, and IP platforms, collectively known as the advanced communications sector.  ACLP’s mission is to promote robust, solution-oriented dialogues amongst state and federal policy makers, industry, and academe concerning the issues presented in a constantly evolving advanced communications landscape.

ACLP will contribute to the formulation and articulation of public policies related to the nation’s advanced communications infrastructure through:

  • Conferences and Symposia: Forums for government leadership, market participants, academe, and public interest groups to debate key policy issues and help forge consensus, where possible, between those making public policy and those impacted by public policy.
  • Workshops and Training Sessions:  Sessions focused on addressing and resolving the real world issues and challenges faced by regulators and other policy makers in their work.
  • Publications:  Articles, white papers and topical primers submitted by stakeholders, academe, and other public policy thought leaders.