Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program

As its title suggests, the New York Law School Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program conveys not just doctrinal education, but empirical and practical skills in the field of conflict avoidance, management and resolution.  New York Law School students who complete the Program and earn a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution may be relied upon to possess not only an intellectual understanding of the principles of negotiation, mediation and arbitration, but actual experience in those fields.

The Program also seeks to engage the legal departments, law firms, courts and government agencies of the New York City region by hosting CLE courses, speaking events, guest lectures on campus, and on-site “bespoke” trainings in order to add value to the community of which New York Law School is a part.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program acknowledges certain attributes of modern American lawyering that:

  • Most commercial transactions are the product of negotiated agreement, often across cultures;
  • Most commercial disputes are resolved prior to commencing litigation;
  • Nearly all civil litigation is resolved prior to trial;
  • Nearly all family, employment and community disputes are resolved by negotiated, mutual consent;
  • Nearly all cross-border commercial transactions are subject to international arbitration, almost always preceded by negotiation and increasingly by mediation; and
  • Success in negotiation is attributable to skill, not intuition.

The New York Law School Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program seeks to equip students and lawyers with the practical skills needed to excel in this environment.

Program Director: F. Peter Phillips