Hire a NYLS Student or Graduate

Can NYLS count on YOU to train and lead the next generation of successful NYLS lawyers?

As you know, our students are bright and hardworking, with a real desire to learn and succeed as first-rate lawyers.  They are practice-ready, having received unparalleled training thorough a rigorous and innovative curriculum, combined with numerous opportunities to put their knowledge into practice through the academic centers, clinics, externships and internships.  It is no surprise to see so many of our students excel in their careers and become distinguished alumni, named partners at prestigious law firms, successful entrepreneurs, skillful politicians and community leaders, judges and trail-blazers in every industry.

So now that your business is growing and you are looking to hire a student or a recent grad, what better place to hire from than NYLS? No matter what recruiting needs you have, the Office of Academic Planning and Career Development is prepared to help you identify students or graduates most suited to your needs. You can submit your jobs online or by contacting us at career@nyls.edu or 212.431.2345 and speaking with a member of our Employer Relations Team. We are here for you!

Need another incentive to hire? Learn more about becoming a member of the NYLS Alumni Circle and check out all the benefits you can receive in appreciation for hiring a summer intern from NYLS.


 “NYLS is our favorite place to recruit. I find that NYLS graduates possess more knowledge, practical skills, and training than those from other law schools, and as a result, they come to us ready to make significant contributions to our firm.”

Adam Leitman Bailey
Founder, Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.