Career Development at a Glance

The counseling team helps students prepare for their transition from law student to lawyer.

Getting on Track and Staying on Track

Throughout the first year, the Office of Career Development brings career planning advice, training, and resources to students through Professional Development workshops and individual counseling sessions. Career support continues throughout law school as our career counselors work with students one-on-one and through programming to develop and execute a job search plan.

The 1L Year: Learning about the Profession

New York Law School’s innovative first year Legal Practice course includes a comprehensive Professional Development Curriculum. The topics covered include: Learning about the Legal Profession & Practice Area Exploration; Self-Assessment & Leadership; Networking 101: Social Media, Informational Interviews, Events; Cover Letter Workshops; Writing Sample Workshops; Preparing for Legal Interviews; Maximizing Your 1L Summer Internship. First-year students also meet with a counselor to discuss their initial career ideas, to review their résumés and cover letters, and to prepare job search strategies for summer employment. In conjunction with the faculty who teach our first-year legal Practice course, and writing specialists should a student need more help, the Office of Career Development assists students in selecting and preparing a writing sample for submission to employers.

The 2L Year: Building Your Professional Portfolio

Counselors continue to work with students one-on-one to advance more sophisticated career goals and develop a greater depth of skills and experiences. At the same time, career counselors work together with academic advisors to guide students in selecting elective courses and choosing among internships, externships, clinics, and job opportunities so that each student graduates with a coherent set of courses and experiences.

The 3L Year: Transitioning from Law Student to Lawyer

During the beginning of their third year, students meet with career counselors for a one-on-one “exit interview” to plan a postgraduate job search strategy. Counselors focus on helping law students prepare for the final steps of transitioning from law student to lawyer.

Evening Students: Getting and Staying on Track

The Office of Career Development developed a separate Professional Development Curriculum with the evening student’s needs and schedule in mind. The evening student curriculum includes all the skills-based training available to day-division students. In addition, the Office of Career Development provides specific office hours to accommodate an Evening Division student’s busy schedule.  Throughout the semester, evening and weekend hours will be announced in the Office of Career Planning’s weekly newsletter, The Inside Track.