Developing Skills

The Office of Academic Planning and Career Development provides students with the tools to develop and execute a successful job search. Counselors are available to offer guidance and feedback through one-on-one sessions, in-class workshops, and webinars viewable from home.

  • Legal Résumé Drafting: Counselors provide hands-on résumé guidance each year to ensure that each student is clearly and convincingly portraying his or her skills and experience.
  • Cover Letter Workshops: Counselors offer an introductory workshop explaining how to prepare a persuasive and tailored cover letter. Counselors work individually to further refine specific letters.
  • Writing Sample Preparation: In cooperation with the Legal Practice faculty, the Office offers a workshop on preparing a proper writing sample. In addition, there are resources on selecting and presenting a writing sample on the student portal.
  • Mock Interview Sessions: The Office coordinates multiple mock interview programs with employers and alumni to help students prepare. Counselors also conduct mock interviews on an as-needed basis for any student who wants addition interview preparation.
  • Social Media Training: Counselors show students how to use social media positively for their professional development, including helping students to create their LinkedIn profile.
  • Networking for Today’s Legal Market: Most students understand the value of networking, but hesitate when executing. The Office provides many of opportunities for our students to meet and get to know professionals, including our Practice Area Networking Forums and Practice Area Profile programs. The counselors in the office also provide tailored feedback to students who want to know how they can network more effectively.