Meeting Lawyers

The Office of Academic Planning and Career Development works with students to actively develop their professional networks. The Office offers forums, panels, receptions, and lectures each semester to help students find their career path or fortify the path they are already following by speaking with lawyers in areas of interest. Our office partners routinely with other campus offices and student organizations in providing these opportunities.

Networking Forums

Attorneys from a variety of practice areas are invited to campus to speak with students in a table-talk setting. Students come away with a heightened understanding of specific practice areas as well as a deeper sense of the different settings—law firm, in-house, government agency, public interest organization.

Practice Area Profiles

During the fall and spring semesters, attorneys in different practice areas host a session for eight to ten students. These small meetings offer students the opportunity to learn about a practice area and meet a potential advisor in a more intimate setting.

Professional Network

Students have access to a database of New York Law School graduates who have volunteered to answer students’ questions, provide career-related advice, and help bridge the gap between the academic environment and the outside professional world.

Alumni Mentors

Alumni Mentors are part of the Professional Network. Mentors and mentees make a commitment to meet several times a year. Students are encouraged to discuss and refine  career goals, gain information about their mentor’s law practice, request referrals to their mentor’s fellow alumni and other professional contacts, and use their mentor as a guide to entering the profession and learning more about the practice of law.