Clinics and Externships

One of students’ most common concerns is whether clinic work counts toward the pro bono requirement.

Clinics and Pro Bono

The Court’s FAQ questions 12 and 15 suggest that casework conducted within the framework of a clinical course may count toward the requirement. You and your supervising attorney should review the examples listed in the FAQs and determine whether your work qualifies.

The chart below lists clinics where we expect that you will be able to count casework towards the bar admission pro bono requirements. The ultimate determination depends on the NY Court of Appeals’ rules. For each clinic the chart also indicates the semesters in which the clinic is offered and whether it is open to evening students.

Pro Bono Semesters Offered Evening Students
Asylum Clinic Yes F & S No
Civil Justice and National Advocacy Clinic Yes S Yes
Civil Rights Clinic Yes F & S No
Conservation Law and Policy Clinic No F & S No
Criminal Defense Clinic Yes F & S No
Criminal Prosecution Clinic—Kings County Yes F & S No
Criminal Prosecution Clinic—New York County Yes F & S No
Cyberharassment Clinic Yes F & S Yes
Elder Law Clinic Yes S Yes
Education Law Clinic Yes F & S Yes
Immigration Law and Litigation Clinic Yes F & S No
Legislative Advocacy Clinic Yes F Yes
Mediation Clinic Yes S No
Municipal Litigation Defense Clinic and City Law Seminar Yes F & S No
PTO Patent Clinic No F & S Yes
PTO Trademark Clinic No F & S Yes
Post-Conviction Innocence Clinic Yes F or S Yes
Securities Arbitration Clinic Yes F & S Yes
Veterans Justice Clinic Yes F or S No

Completing an Externship?

Students are reminded that their externships may provide hours towards the pro bono requirement. Externships with government agencies, non-profit legal services providers, and judicial externships will likely qualify.  Find out  more about externships and how to apply through the Office of Clinical and Experiential Learning’s page.