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12/13/2016: Professor Houman Shadab is quoted in “Blockchain’s Smart Contracts: What’s Smart, What’s Not” in FinOps Report.

12/6/2016: Professor Houman Shadab is quoted in “Financial Counsel Prepare for Blockchain Heading Into 2017” in Legal Tech News.

12/1/2016: Professor Howard S. Meyers presented the topic “Business Fraud Today” before an Institute of Complex Commercial Litigation event held at NYLS with over 40 New York State judges in attendance.

11/29/2016: Professor Houman Shadab was a feaured speaker at the “Blockchain for Wall Street” conference at New York Law School. For photos, click here.

10/21/2016: Professor Stacy-Ann Elvy presented her article “Hybrid Transactions and the Internet of Things: Goods, Services or Software” at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

10/18/2016: Professor Ronald Filler is quoted in “FINRA Still Struggling to Diversify Arbitrator Pool” in BNA Bloomberg.

9/19/2016: Professor Ronald Filler had several papers published this summer: “When All Else Fails – The Evolution of Customer Asset Protections After Brokerage Bankruptcy” in the Journal of Financial History (Summer 2016); “The 7th Circuit and Sentinel – Five Times A Charm” in Futures & Derivatives Law Report (May 2016); ”Energy Derivatives: Which Country (U.S. or U.K.) Provides the Best Customer Asset Protections to an Energy Trading Firm If Its Brokerage Firm/Counterparty Files for Bankruptcy” in The Energy Law Journal (Fall 2016); and four papers for Lexis-Nexis on various aspects regarding the Dodd-Frank Act which will be published as four chapters in a new book on the Dodd-Frank Act to be offered by Lexis.

7/18/2016: Professor Houman Shadab is mentioned “Everything you need to know about the Ethereum ‘hard fork’.” To read more, click here.

6/13/2016: Professor Howard Meyers attended a Securities Arbitration Roundtable at Fordham Law School where he presented a report of the NYLS securities arbitration clinic’s activities to officials from the SEC and FINRA.

5/25/2016: Professor Houman Shadab spoke at The Economist’s Growth Crossings event on the panel “Treasury Perspectives: Rise of the Machines.” Other speakers included economist Dambisa Moyo, GE Capital Chief Financial Officer Robert Green, and UPS Global treasury manager Jennifer Powers. More information about the event is available here.

5/5/2016: Professor Ronald Filler moderated the panel “The Great Debate” as part of the 38th Annual Futures Industry Association (FIA) Law & Compliance Division Conference in Baltimore. Professor Filler has spoken at and has attended all 38 of the FIA Law & Compliance Division programs.

4/27/2016: Professor Ronald Filler participated in a “Town Hall Webinar” sponsored by the National Futures Association.

4/26/2016: Professor Houman Shadab is mentioned in “The blockchain revolution, smart contracts and financial transactions” at DLA Piper. To read more, click here.

4/13/2016: Professor Filler served as the Program Chair, moderator, and speaker on the panel “Remember Derivatives and the Promised Harmonization and Universal Regulation?  Hey — Who Turned the Lights Out?” as part of a spring 2016 program sponsored by the ABA Section on International Law held in New York City.

4/13/2016: Professor Houman Shadab spoke on the panel “Self-Executing ‘Smart’ Contracts on the Blockchain” at the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology: Innovation, Operation and Legal & Regulatory Implications conference organized by the American Conference Institute. More information is available here.

4/12/2016: Professor Stacy-Ann Elvy is featured in “Mount Vernon’s Stacy-Ann Elvy Gains Recognition As Legal Rising Star.” To read more, click here.

4/8/2016: Professor Tamara Belinfanti presented her paper “Shareholder Value Theory and The Systems Alternative in Corporate Law” as part of the Cornell Law Faculty Workshop series.

4/4/2016: Professor Ronald Filler’s article “The 7th Circuit and Sentinel – Five Times a Charm!” will be published in the April 2016 issue of the Futures & Derivatives Law Report. It analyses the five cases before the 7th Circuit involving the bankruptcy of, and the fraud committed by the principals of, Sentinel Management, a brokerage firm and investment adviser, and BNY Mellon, acting as the custodian bank for Sentinel.

3/26/2016: Professor Houman Shadab was mentioned in “Make Elites Compete: Why the 1% Earn So Much and What to do About It” at the Brookings Institute. To read more, click here.

3/24/16: The most recent edition of the Journal of Taxation and Regulation of Financial Institutions, edited by Professor Houman Shadab, is now available online here. The issue includes the article “Endowed by the Crowd? Insights Into the New Wave of Crowdfunding and Its Viability,” co-authored by Ethan Silver ’02, and articles on management fee waiver arrangements for private fund sponsors and U.S. tax issues for foreign lenders.

3/21/16: Professor Howard S. Meyers was named Co-Chair of the ABA’s Legal Clinic and Law Student Subcommittee. This newly formed Subcommittee will work with the ABA’s Securities Litigation Committee to address arbitration and regulatory enforcement matters.

3/15/16: Professor Stacy-Ann Elvy is mentioned in “KCON Highlights VI: Neoliberalism; E-Commerce” – ContractsProf Blog.

3/14/16: Professor Houman Shadab moderated the panel “NYLS Alumni in Business and Entrepreneurship: Stories of Initiative and Determination” co-sponsored by the Office of Career Planning and the Center for Business and Financial Law. The panel was made up of Steven R. Harber ‘92, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Apogee Legal LLC, Michael Dalewitz ‘04, Founder & CEO, Inspired Review LLC, David Schnurman ‘06, CEO, FurtherEd/Lawline, Vasily Malyshev ‘14, CEO, Messapps, and Daphné Pierre ‘15, Co-founder, STARTNOO, LLC.

3/3/16: Professor Tamara Belinfanti participated on a panel during an event organized by City and State Reports and New York Law School on “Corporate, Foundation, and Family Philanthropy.”

3/2/16: Professor Houman Shadab spoke on a keynote panel “Bitcoin, Block Chain and the Future” at the Global Association of Risk Professionals’ (GARP) 17th Annual Convention. GARP is a leading professional association for risk managers with over 150,000 members in 195 countries. To read more about the GARP Convention, click here.

2/27/16: Professor Stacy-Ann Elvy presented her paper “Contracting in the Age of the Internet of Things: Article 2 of the UCC and Beyond” at the International Contracts Conference, which was held at St. Mary’s University Law School in San Antonio.

2/24/16: Professor Houman Shadab co-organized and presented on settlement finality at the “Shared Ledgers and Financial Law Roundtable” at Harvard Law School hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society and R3CEV. Participants included those from a wide range of law firms, governmental bodies, financial institutions, and startups. New York Law School students Meggin Bednarczyk and Anthony Ilacqua also attended and participated in the roundtable by contributing to a discussion summary document.

2/23/16: Professor Houman Shadab is quoted in “Blockchain Has Stolen Much of Bitcoin’s Spotlight.” [Click here for the PDF article.]

2/20/16: Professor Deborah Archer and Professor Tamara Belinfanti presented an overview of the Unshared Bounty Project and discussed their new work on food deserts and transaction costs at the “Poverty Law: Academic Activism” conference at Seattle University School of Law. To read more about the Unshared Bounty Project, click here.

2/19/16: Professor Ronald Filler was re-elected to serve on the Board and Executive Committee of the National Futures Association, which is the principal self-regulatory organization for the U.S. futures and derivatives industry.

2/10/16: Professor Houman Shadab spoke by invitation at the Yale Law School Federalist Society’s Young Scholars Workshop on Bitcoin, blockchains, and smart contracts. He has also been invited to submit a chapter on blockchains and the law for the book Legal Informatics to be published by Cambridge University Press in late 2016.

1/29/2016: Professor Houman Shadab is featured in “Bankers Weigh Blockchain Challenges at BNY Mellon Event.” [Coindesk]

1/22/16: Professor Houman Shadab presented a paper at the 12th Annual Symposium of the Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy at George Mason University School of Law held in honor of the legacy of Professor Henry G. Manne. More information about the symposium is available here.

1/8/2016: Professor Tamara Belinfanti was a speaker, selected from a call for papers, as part of the AALS program ‎”The Corporate Law and Economics Revolution 40 Years Later: The Impact of Economics and Finance Scholarship on Modern Corporate Law.”

1/8/2016: The most recent issue of the Journal of Taxation and Regulation of Financial Institutions, edited by Professor Houman Shadab, is now available online here. The issue includes an article by NYLS professor Alan Appel on the tax aspects of credit agreements, and an article by 3L Keila Espinosa on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s position limits rulemaking.

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