About Us

The Center for New York City Law was founded in 1994-1995 by New York Law School Professor Ross Sandler. The academic and public mission of the Center is to provide information about, and analysis of, the laws and legal processes that govern New York City. The Center seeks to make the City’s government and decisions more fair, comprehensible and open to the public. The Center pursues its mission by scholarly research and writing and by widely disseminating information about New York City in accessible and easily understood formats.

As a constituent of New York Law School, the Center draws heavily on the Law School’s faculty, staff and students, and on an Advisory Council of governmental and civic leaders. The Center’s funding comes from sales of its publications and CLE course fees, foundation grants, private support and subsidies from New York Law School. The Center writes and edits publications; sponsors events, courses and symposia; develops local government law courses and curricula; maintains a research-based web site; and owns a specialized New York City Charter and government library.