Search Connector Instructions

Cheat Sheet

Here you can find a short list of the most frequently used search phrases. These will help you to refine and improve your searches. Please note that NO discrepancy is made between upper and lower case for search terms.


User example Finds all files that…
auto test contain the words auto and test.
mind (extension:doc OR extension:xls OR extension:msg) contain the word mind and have the file ending .doc, .xls or .msg.
“Knowledge is a matter of seconds” contain the exact expression knowledge is a matter of seconds.
“Mindbreeze” AND “Search” contain the words Mindbreeze and Search.
(“Mindbreeze” OR “Search”) “Software” contain the word Mindbreeze or Search and the word software.
Mindbreeze NEAR Search contain the word Mindbreeze near to the word Search.
Mindbreeze NOT slowly contain the word Mindbreeze but not the word slowly.
content:2012 TO 2014 contain numbers between 2012 and 2014 in the content.
mes:size:[1KB TO 4KB] has a size between 1 KB and 4 KB.
mes:date:[2012-01-01 TO 2012-12-31] has a date between 2012-01-01 and 2012-12-31.
(InSpire^2.0 OR “InSite“) AND “efficient“ contain InSpire or InSite and efficient. Occurrence of “InSpire” are twice as strong rated as other terms.


Familiar metadata search Meaning What you enter in the search field
title Name title:integration
extension File ending extension:doc search
directory Directory directory:review
subject Subject subject:Mindbreeze
from From from:Lehner
to To to:Lehner
url Web addresse url:””
content (not displayed)
content:search content:server
Combination of metadata title:integration from:Smith extension:doc

Further metadata can be configured within the context of the installed connectors. Please contact your system administrator.