Search Connector Instructions


  • Use AND to ensure that all of your search terms are included in each of your search results.
    • Example: variance AND “soil contamination”
  • To reduce the number of search results, add more search terms.
  • CityAdmin Search Connectors are case sensitive, so make sure to put AND in capital letters.
  • When to Use: two or more search terms are necessary in your search.



  • Use OR to find documents that contain any of the search terms listed.
    • Example: “Madison Square Park” OR “Clinton Park”
  • CityAdmin Search Connectors are case sensitive, so make sure to put OR in capital letters.
  • Different Abbreviations: If your search term may be known by different abbreviations, use the OR connector.
    • Example: “Certificate of Occupancy” OR “C of O”
  • Alternate Spellings: If your search term may have different endings, use OR for alternate spellings.
    • Example: landmark OR landmarked OR landmarking
  • Synonyms: If your search term has common synonyms, use the OR connector to list the synonyms.
    • Example: car OR vehicle OR automobile AND Krimstock
  • When to Use: not all the search terms are crucial to your search.


 “    ” (phrase)

  • The order of the words is important; CityAdmin will search the term in the exact order as it appears.
    • Example: “certificate of appropriateness”
      “improper practice” AND “Board of Collective Bargaining”
  • When to Use: you have a specific phrase you want to search.


– (minus sign to exclude a search term)

  • Typing a minus sign immediately before a word or phrase (without a space) indicates that you do not want the search result to contain this word or phrase at all.
    • Example: You are looking for a certain type of public nuisance decision, but searching “public nuisance” displays a large amount of decisions dealing with advertising signs, a topic not relevant to your search. In order to narrow your search, you could try: “public nuisance” AND –sign.
  • Be careful when using this function. CityAdmin will not show you any document that contains the search term.
    • Example: You are looking for ULURP recommendations by the Manhattan Borough President regarding projects near Clinton Park, but you do not want City Planning Commission reports.
      • By searching for “Clinton Park” AND “Borough President” AND –“City Planning”, you will not see any Borough President recommendations that contain the words “City Planning” anywhere in the document.
  • When to Use: you want to reduce the number of search results.