Programs Overview

Public Events

CRES brings together real estate attorneys, policy makers, academics, other professionals, and the media to provide quality programming on a broad range of issues affecting the real estate industry.  The Center hosts many different types of events throughout the academic year, including Breakfast Forums, Master Classes, CLEs, and Symposia. For a list of our upcoming and past events, visit our events page.

  • Breakfast Forums – CRES hosts a Breakfast Forum series on a wide range of real estate-related topics.  These forums engage New York’s real estate community on such topics as residential real estate, sustainable development, and the real estate capital markets.
  • Master Classes — CRES hosts a Master Class series throughout the academic year for New York Law School students and interested alumni.  Our primary goals are to explore a real estate-related topic in depth and to discuss various career paths taken by successful real estate professionals.
  • CLE/Symposia – CRES regularly hosts symposia and conferences on real estate issues and other related areas of law and practice, such as taxation, corporate finance, social justice, and governmental administration.  Often, these events are presented in partnership with outside organizations and other academic centers within the law school.

Student Affiliation

CRES is one of the most popular academic centers at New York Law School, with more than 75 students affiliated through the CRES Associates Program.  This affiliation program allow students to demonstrate their interest in real estate while learning the legal doctrine and lawyering skills necessary to be successful real estate attorneys.

The Rooftops Project

James Hagy, Distinguished Adjunct Professor at the Law School, directs The Rooftops Project – a new initiative focused on the role of real estate (owned, leased, or hosted physical space and facilities) in the operations and performance of not-for-profit organizations.  The Rooftops Project provides programs, workshops, and Web and print resources for not-for-profit organizations and facilitates an ongoing dialogue on the effect occupancy, use and management of real estate in the social sector.

Sustainability Initiative

The Center has an ongoing initiative to promote sustainability in the context of real estate development and its own operations.  The Center hosts an annual breakfast forum on sustainable real estate development and integrates sustainability concepts throughout the curriculum.  The Center is committed to running its programs sustainably, including sending all event invitations electronically.