Affiliated Faculty

The faculty members affiliated with the Center for International Law have a deep understanding of a wide variety of issues in the public and business dimensions of international law. Along with decades of teaching knowledge, they also have practical experience in their respective areas of expertise. Click on the links below for a full biography of each faculty member.

Stephen Ellmann, Professor of Law; Director, Office of Clinical and Experiential Learning; Chair, Clinical Theory Workshops; Co-chair, South Africa Reading Group; Co-editor, Clinical Research Institute

Stacy-Ann Elvy, Professor of Law, and Associate Director, Center for Business and Financial Law

Frank Munger, Professor of Law, and Co-chair, Law and Society Colloquium

Ruti Teitel, Ernst C. Stiefel Professor of Comparative Law, and Director, Institute for Global Law, Justice & Policy

Sydney M. Cone, III, Emeritus C.V. Starr Professor of Law, and Emeritus Director, Center for International Law (1996 – 2011)

Lloyd Bonfield, Emeritus Director, Center for International Law (2011 – 2017)

Alan Appel, Emeritus Director, Center for International Law (2017 – 2018)