Advice from Alumni and Practitioners

Roberta Baldini
Assistant Trial Attorney, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Arusha, Tanzania)

My principal task is to prepare and prosecute the case against Jean-Baptiste Gatete, a Hutu extremist who was allegedly responsible for the slaughter of between 20,000 and 50,000 people, mostly Tutsi. Prosecuting genocide cases has been extremely difficult. During and shortly after the genocide of 1994 in Rwanda, no one was able to collect evidence. The entire country of Rwanda was destroyed, and its population either dead or moving to and from refugee camps.

Seth Cohen

Captain, United States Army, Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps, Camp Zama (Japan).

The US Army JAG Corps is a tremendous team of very talented and knowledgeable attorneys, paralegals, and staff. The Army places some of its most intelligent and professional people in the JAG Corps, and JAG attorneys are seen as having a special job in the Army. The JAG Corps is a wonderful place to learn, grow, and actually help people. Those people are doing a very important job, and, in some cases, have volunteered to put their lives at risk. That’s what public service is about – helping other people. And that’s what the JAG Corps is about.

Edward Okeke

Legal Officer, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Paris. Formerly with the Administrative Law Unit, United Nations, New York.

The beginning of my career as a UN legal officer was accidental and non-traditional. Before I joined the UN, I worked variously as a newspaper columnist, computer programmer, and business manager. I enjoy a lot of things about my work as a legal officer in the UN system, but a few things stand out: working in a multicultural environment, and dealing with global legal issues. Having lived in Nigeria and America has imbued me with an appreciation of and respect for diversity . . .

1996 Evening Division student

New York City-based international law firm, Associate (Frankfurt, Germany, office)

My work is focused on international stock and debt offerings. In September 2001, I helped Deutsche Bank in its efforts to become listed on the New York Stock Exchange. After a one-year clerkship (at the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit), I started out at my firm’s New York office in 1997 as a litigator. At that time, I had every intention of remaining a litigator. But after my first corporate deal, I was hooked . . .

K. Elizabeth Ryder

International Legal Development consultant

I work in the field of “International Legal Development,” which means I work with governments, bar associations, and non-governmental organizations to reform legal systems and legislation. Most of the projects I undertake are in crisis areas or countries where the legal regime is weak or unable to address rapidly changing social or economic needs . . .

James H. Rodgers

L’Abbate, Balkan, Colavita & Contini, LLP, Associate (New York);
American Bureau of Shipping and Affiliated Companies, Associate Counsel

My exposure has been three-fold: (1) working as corporate counsel for a multinational corporation; (2) practicing litigation in law firms; and (3) undertaking pro bono work and writing law review articles . . .

Liliana Correia

Zurich Financial Services (Geneva, Switzerland), Assistant Compliance Facilitator & Officer.

Zurich Financial Services (ZFS) is a major insurance and financial services company. In the US, its companies include Farmers Insurance, Zurich Scudder Investments, and Zurich Kemper Life. It has over 65,000 employees in over 60 countries. As a compliance officer/facilitator, I work with the staff to address and meet the company’s legal obligations as well as the expectations of customers, shareholders, regulators, and the public regarding our overall corporate conduct . . .

Christina M. Storm

Lawyers Without Borders, Inc., Founder and Director.

I was a general practitioner trial attorney, trying cases in every conceivable tribunal in Connecticut. I have, in the last four years, attempted to transfer my skills to the peacemaking arena in areas emerging from civil strife. My search for an agency to help me make this transition came up empty handed and so I created Lawyers Without Borders . . .

Darlene Prescott

Codification Division in the Office of Legal Affairs (United Nations, New York), Legal Officer.

My responsibilities include covering several topics which are on the agenda of the UN Sixth Committee (Legal Committee), such as the Protection of Diplomats . . .

Dennis S. Prahl

Ladas & Parry (New York), Partner.

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