C.V. Starr Summer Stipends in International Business Law

Through a generous grant from the Starr Foundation, the Center for International Law will grant stipends to a limited number of students to pursue internships in the area of international business law during the summer of 2019.

Stipend requirements:

  • Students must find a summer internship (on their own initiative) in the area of international business law in a government or multilateral agency such as the U.S. Commerce or Treasury Departments, the Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, or the World Trade Organization, among other organizations. (For help in finding internships, click here.)
  • Non-profit organizations are not considered government or multilateral agencies. Please DO NOT apply if you did not find a position in a government or multilateral agency.
  • Priority will also be given to students working full time for at least 8 weeks during the summer.
  • The Center will provide partial compensation for these 8 weeks of full-time work. Individual funding determinations will be based on the student’s projected financial need and the funds available to the Center. Funding will be paid over the course of the summer upon submission of bi-weekly time sheets. The student’s attorney supervisor must agree to affirm that the student has actually worked for the number of hours claimed.
  • In some cases, the Center may also reimburse travel expenses. If approved, such expenses will be reimbursed upon submission of appropriate documentation (e.g., actual boarding passes, receipts). Travel expenses cannot be reimbursed without this documentation.
  • Before the start of the fall semester following the internship, students will be required to submit a three-page report describing and reflecting on their summer experience.
  • Award decisions will be based on the likelihood that the placement will be successful in helping the student achieve his or her professional development goals, among other factors.

Stipend eligibility

  • Currently-enrolled 1L and 2L students in the day division, and 1L, 2L, and 3L students in the evening division are eligible to apply.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who receive a summer stipend are REQUIRED to return and complete their studies at New York Law School. Students planning to transfer (or are actively in the process of transferring) to another law school will not be considered for a stipend.

Application procedure

To apply, a student must submit:

  • A one-page proposal describing the internship placement and the student’s anticipated responsibilities and learning goals. (An applicant must also indicate whether he or she is planning to transfer or is actively in the process of transferring to another law school.)
  • A resume.
  • An unofficial transcript.
  • A short letter from the internship supervisor (with contact information) confirming that the student actually has an internship placement.
  • A budget listing anticipated travel/rent expenses for the summer. The budget must disclose whether the student will be receiving compensation from any sources and, if so, in what amounts.

Please bring these materials (enclosed in an envelope) to the Associate Director, Michael Rhee, in E-903 by Friday, April 12, 2019, by 4:00 pm.

  • Please do not e-mail the materials to him.
  • If Michael Rhee is not in his office, slide your envelope under his door.
  • Then send him an e-mail message to confirm that he had received your information packet.

For more information, please contact Michael.Rhee@nyls.edu