Student Organizations

International Law Society *

The International Law Society (ILS) is a student-run organization devoted to promoting both public and private law through an international perspective. ILS aims to stimulate dialogue regarding contemporary global issues affecting our world through lectures, panel discussions, and informal debates and discourse.

Lawyers Without Borders (Student Division) *

The NYLS Student Division of Lawyers Without Borders seeks to promote the work of its parent organization, Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB), which is an international human rights non-governmental organization that works through networks of pro bono lawyers, non-profits, and law students. Its founder, Christina Storm, is a graduate of New York Law School. The purpose of the NYLS Student Division is to assist LWOB with its various world-wide projects and to work actively with the international human rights movement.

* The activities and operations of these organizations are conducted separately and independently from those of the Center for International Law.