Faculty, students, and alumni carry out various research projects for the Center for International Law. Please check back frequently to see the latest updates.

Disability Rights Information Center for Asia and the Pacific

Disability Rights Information CenterFor years, our colleague Professor Michael Perlin has been working with colleagues in Japan and elsewhere on the Pacific Rim and in Oceania to create a Disability Rights Tribunal for Asia and the Pacific, the only area of the world in which there is no interregional court or commission. Since 2009, students have worked with him – at first in Project-Based Learning classes and then in a “Building a Disability Rights Information Center in Asia and the Pacific  clinic” (in 2013-14) – to move this project forward. The purpose of the clinic was to create a database for researchers and advocates in that part of the world so that they could access laws, court cases, regulations, etc. for 12 nations in the region. This work is now being organized and uploaded to the NYLS Disability Rights Tribunal for Asia and the Pacific (DRICAP) website. Students will organize and upload the information already obtained on the DRICAP website and continue to make past and on-going research available to practitioners, judges, and advocates internationally. Additionally, they will research other nations outside of the original 12. Students are working under the supervision of Adjunct Professor Heather Ellis Cucolo, formerly the Acting Director of the Online Mental Disability Law Program and a current scholar in disability rights advocacy for Asia and the Pacific.

News article – Proposed EU Public Procurement Regulation (in PDF format) by Maria Marai ’12, Esq. (New York Attorney), MBA