Credits and Grading

I am not a New York Law School student. May I apply to the program?

The London summer program is open only to New York Law School students who are in good standing. It is not accepting students from other ABA-approved law schools.

How many courses must I take?

Students must enroll in 2 courses for a total of 4 credits.

How many credits is each course?

2 credits.

What is the grading system?

The London program uses an “A+ – F” grading system. Pass-fail is not an option. Courses may not be audited.

Do London courses have any prerequisites?


Will the 4 credits for these courses count toward the 86 credits needed for graduation?


How do I register for courses?

The London program will take care of registration for all London students.

Will the grades I earn in London be averaged into my New York Law School grades to calculate my cumulative grade-point average?


I have a low GPA. May I still apply to the London program?

If your GPA is close to a 2.10, you should meet with an academic counselor in the Office of Academic Affairs before you decide to attend the London summer program.

May I use the London courses to accelerate my graduation date?

New York Law School students will not receive residence credits for attending this program. Therefore, participation in this program may not be used to accelerate New York Law School students’ date of graduation.