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Rebecca Roiphe featured “Experts dig into Michael Cohens guilty plea” – CBS News (8/21)

Rebecca Roiphe featured “Not normal case. Experts analyze” – Yahoo (8/21)

Rebecca Roiphe featured “The Cohen Tapes” – Legal Talk Network (8/17)

Anthony Crowell featured “You’re a Lawyer, but Can You Run a Law Firm?” – Bloomberg Law (8/17)

Dennis Parker quoted “And we know this!: New study confirms Black boys feel less safe in white neighborhoods” – the Grio (8/15)

Dennis Parker quoted “Black boys more fearful in whiter neighborhoods, study finds” – Sandhills Express (8/14)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Why White Nationalists At “Unite The Right 2” Are Allowed To Rally, Despite Last Year’s Violence” –Brinkwire (8/13)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Why White Nationalists At “Unite The Right 2” Are Allowed To Rally, Despite Last Year’s Violence” –Bustle (8/10)

Ari Waldman quoted “Why Big Tech Finally Bucked Alex Jones” – National Journal (8/8)

Robert Blecker quoted “The Pope Makes a Fatal Error” – Wall Street Journal (8/7)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Prosecutor’s office has family ties to Stockton U., but says it won’t impact rape investigation” – (8/7)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Is there a myth of free speech on social media” – Circa (8/7)

Lenni Benson quoted “Williams conviction won’t start a revolution” – City and State (8/7)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Close Family Ties Between Queens Judges, Prosecutors, Raise Appearance Concerns” – New York Law Journal (8/7)

Claire Thomas featured “Lawyers Turn to Activism as Civil Liberties Come Under Attack” – Yes! Magazine (8/6)

Robert Blecker quoted “Cuomo wants to take death penalty law off books in New York” – Newsday (8/2)

Robert Blecker mentioned “Andover man, Brady pal Flannelly screening Deflategate documentary” – Andover Townsman (8/2)

Rebecca Roiphe featured “Manafort’s attorney on working with Mueller” – CBS News (8/2)

Nadine Strossen featured “ACLU on free speech and ‘turban man’” News on the Rocks (8/3)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Was Cohen’s secret Trump tape an ethics violation? ABA opinion authors split on client taping” – ABA Journal (8/1)

Ruti Teitel featured “A Road to Forgiveness: How Societies Cope with Collective Trauma” – Tel Aviv Review (7/30)

Ross Sandler quoted “NYPD refuses to release required data on turnstile jumping enforcement” – AM New York (7/30)

Nadine Strossen featured “Former ACLU President Set to Discuss Book at Del. Library” – Delaware Law Weekly (7/30)

Nadine Strossen featured “You Can’t Fight Hate With Censorship, Says Former ACLU President” – The Federalist (7/27)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Gaming the System: How Many Years Without Competition is Too Many?” – Regulatory Focus (7/27)

Lenni Benson quoted “Leaving a child behind is the only way they see to save their life” – CNN (7/26)

Ari Waldman quoted “Twitter is Not ‘Shadow Banning’ Republicans”- NY Mag– (7/25)

Ari Waldman quoted “Trump ‘shadow ban’ tweet: A F.A.Q.” – Washington Post (7/26)

Ari Waldman quoted “The Story Behind Trump’s Claim That Twitter Is Shadow-Banning Conservatives” – SLATE (7/26)

Ruti Teitel featured “The Best Books on Transitional Justice” – Five Books (7/22)

Ari Waldman quoted “St. Louis Uber and Lyft Driver Secretly Live-Streamed Passengers, Report Says” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (7/22)

Kris Franklin mentioned “Are you considering an ASP course? There’s a book for that.” – Law Professor Blog Network (7/22)

Ari Waldman quoted “St. Louis Uber and Lyft Driver Secretly Live-Streamed Passengers, Report Says” – New York Times (7/22)

Nadine Strossen featured “Confronting hate, understanding China and recalling the US Constitution” – Global Legal Post (7/19)

Nadine Strossen mentioned “Free Speech as Norms Erode” – Cato Unbound (7/18)

Lenni Benson quoted “From Crib to Court: Trump Administration Summons Immigrant Infants” – The Washington Post (7/18)

Lenni Benson quoted “At least 70 infants summoned for deportation under family separation, federal data shows” – PBS News Hour (7/18)

Lenni Benson quoted “Immigrant infants too young to talk called into court to defend themselves” – The Texas Tribune (7/18)

Rebecca Roiphe featured “Putin offers to allow special counsel Mueller to observe interviews of Russian intelligence officers” – CBS News (7/16)

Nadine Strossen quoted “The Flag and Free Expression” – Inside Higher Ed (7/13)

Lenni Benson featured “Family Reunification Updates; Representing Separated Children; Helping with Homecoming; The History Behind the Border Crisis” – WNYC (7/12)

Claire Thomas featured “How to Help the Accidental New Yorkers Separated From Their Families and Shipped to Upstate Prisons” – Queens Daily Eagle (7/11)

Claire Thomas featured “Trump Says Some Yemeni TPS Beneficiaries Can Stay” – Queens Daily Eagle (7/9)

Nadine Strossen featured “10 Reasons why I THINK free speech is more effective than hate speech law” – Female First (7/9)

Nadine Strossen featured “Donald Trump prepares to Announce Supreme Court Nominee” – BBC (7/8)

Nadine Strossen featured “First Amendment in Jeopardy” – The Washington 100 (7/6)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “In Corruption Retrial, Dean Skelos Takes Stand in Own Defense“ – NY Times (7/6)

Arthur Leonard featured “Kennedy Steps down: It’s all on the line!” – LeGaL Podcast (7/4)

James Simon featured “Commander v. Chief” – The Atlantic (4/2018)

Claire Thomas quoted “Lawsuits Allege Misconduct at Agencies Taking in Unaccompanied Minors” – Documented (6/28)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Trump increasingly tweeting about special counsel “witch hunt” – One News Page (6/27)

Nadine Strossen featured “Will the ACLU Defend Controversial Speech?” – Hit & Run (6/26)

Nadine Strossen mentioned “The ACLU’s divided heart” – Washington Post (6/26)

Claire Thomas quoted “There is a humanitarian crisis at America’s borders, and Trump isn’t the only one to blame” – NewStatesman (6/26)

Claire Thomas quoted “Much Ado About Melania: US first lady does it her way” – Daily Mail (6/22)

Michael Perlin featured “Doe V Klein” – Greystone Park Oral History Project (6/21)

Arthur Leonard quoted “LBGT judges celebrate landmark rulings that paved way for equality” – Brooklyn Daily Eagle (6/21)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “UC granted a key CRISPR patent” – The Mercury News (6/19)

Nadine Strossen featured “Hate Speech: An Imaginary Debate” – LARB (6/17)

David Schoenbrod quoted “Why a Delegation Skeptic Is Suspicious of the REINS Act” – Real Clear Policy (6/15)

Kris Franklin featured “Thinking about law school classes” – Law to Fact podcast (6/12)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Retrial of former state Senate boss Dean Skelos and son Adam will again examine strange father-son relationship” – NY Daily News (6/17)

Arthur Leonard featured “All LGBT Eyes Still on SCOTUS” – LeGaL LGBT Podcast (6/15)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Michael Cohen Seeks Gag Order on Lawyer for Stormy Daniels” – NY Times (6/15)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “UC Berkeley Granted Two CRISPR Related Patents” –KQED (6/15)

Arthur Leonard featured “Masterpiece Cake Shop & LGBT Cases” – WBAI Radio (6/14)

Nadine Strossen featured “So to Speak podcast: ‘Hate’ with Nadine Strossen” – FIRE (6/14)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “UC Berkeley Finally Scores With Two CRISPR Patents” – Futurism (6/14)

Nadine Strossen mentioned “John Kerry to highlight Aspen Ideas Festival lineup” – The Aspen Times (6/13)

David Schoenbrod featured “LegBranch Conversations: An interview with David Schoenbrod” – LegBranch (6/12)

Lenni Benson quoted “Trump administration moves to block victims of gang violence and domestic abuse from claiming asylum” – Los Angeles Times (6/11)

Lenni Benson quoted “Trump admin to Stop Granting Asylum to Domestic Violence Victims” – Law & Crime (6/11)

Nadine Strossen featured “Hate: Why We Should Resist it with Free Speech, Not Censorship, With Nadine Strossen” – Carnegie Council (6/5)

Nadine Strossen featured “Author Discussion on Free Speech” – C-SPAN (6/10)

Nadine Strossen featured “Free Speech vs. Hate Speech” – (6/5)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “3 Women Who Had Encounters With Harvey Weinstein Question Lawyer’s Motives” – New York Times (6/1)

Joanne Doroshow featured “Joanne Doroshow on Forced Arbitration Ruling Julio Lopez Varona on Puerto Rico’s Predators” – FAIR (6/1) AUDIO

Nadine Strossen quoted “Corporate America touts moral backbone in Trump era” – Daily Mail (5/31)

Anthony Crowell quoted “New York Law School Launches Nation’s First Gun Control Clinic” – New York Law Journal (5/24)

Lenni Benson quoted “ICE Is Sending a Message to the World’s Asylum Seekers: The US Is No Place of Refuge” – The Nation (5/29)

Rebecca Roiphe podcast interview “Trumpcast: Trump’s Challenge to Prosecutorial Independence” – Slate (5/23)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Is Trump’s War On The DOJ Obstruction? Here’s What You Need To Know” – Vice News (5/23)

Michael Perlin interviewed “A mother tried to tell the state her son was mentally ill and violent. Help came too late.” – NPR (5/23)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “‘SPYGATE’: Trump rages on Twitter about the ‘Criminal Deep State’” – Yahoo News (5/23)

Rebecca Roiphe interviewed “The Beat with Ari Melber” – MSNBC (5/22)

Rebecca Roiphe interviewed “Trump’s Assault on Prosecutorial Independence” – Slate (5/22)

Rebecca Roiphe new article featured “The Plum Line: Believe the autocrat” – Washington Post (5/22)

Rebecca Roiphe new article featured “Outraged by Politically Motivated DOJ Probes, Trump Orders One” – Reason (5/22)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “By Demanding an Investigation, Trump Challenged a Constraint on His Power” – New York Times (5/21)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “DOJ independence, entrenched and ingrained, will survive Trump: historian, law prof” – Reuters (5/21)

Ari Waldman quoted “Data privacy issues may be coming to a campaign near you” – NBC News (5/19)

Nadine Strossen featured “Fight Hate Speech with More Speech, Not Censorship: ACLU’s Nadine Strossen” – YouTube (5/18)

Jake Sherkow quoted “Patent on autism genetic test may stifle science” – Spectrum (5/17)

James Simon featured “A crusading chief justice and a cautious president” – Washington Post (5/17)

Ari Waldman quoted “What Would Happen if the Technology Sector Becomes Regulated?” –innovation & tech today (5/17)

Nadine Strossen featured “Speak Freely and Hate Reviews: Teaching Tolerance” – Wall Street Journal (5/17)

Nadine Strossen featured “Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell” – Thaddeus Russell Podcast (5/15)

Ari Waldman quoted “Facebook’s free-speech dilemma is financial, not constitutional” – Washington Examiner (5/15)

Arthur Leonard featured “Trump Benchslap” – PodBean (5/11)

Robert Blecker mentioned “’Four Games in Fall’ tackles media manipulation and science for hire” – MV Times (5/9)

Nadine Strossen featured “Against Hate Speech” – Spiked Review (May 2018)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Experts refute Rudy Giuliani’s claim that President Trump doesn’t need to comply with Robert Mueller subpoena” – Daily News (5/6)

Nadine Strossen featured “The Importance of Press Freedom”- The Oxford Comment (5/4) AUDIO

Ari Waldman quoted “Facebook Hires Ex-GOP Senator To Advise On Anti-Conservative Bias” -Roll Call (5/4)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Inside the luxury exiles of Harvey Weinstein and the men of #MeToo” – The New Daily (5/3)

Jake Sherkow quoted “Questions Raised About Study Of Device To Ease Opioid Withdrawal” – NPR (5/2)

Nadine Strossen featured “15 Books You Should Read This May” – Literary Hub (5/1)

Jake Sherkow quoted “CRISPR Patent Dispute Heard in Federal Court” – The Scientist (5/1)

Nadine Strossen featured “What to Read in May” – Vanity Fair (5/1)

Robert Blecker quoted “Supreme Court issues stay for inmate who says he would choke on own blood during execution” – Washington Times (4/30)

Jake Sherkow quoted “All You Need to Know for Round 2 of the CRISPR Patent Fight” – Scientific American (4/30)

Jake Sherkow quoted “It’s ‘going to be tough’: UC Berkeley struggles to find sympathetic court in CRISPR patent appeal” – Stat (4/30)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “The Sheldon Silver Trial: Take Two” NY Times (4/29)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Sheldon Silver faces plethora of corruption evidence at retrial, experts say” NY Daily News (4/28)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Sympathy for the ‘Incel’” – The Daily Beast (4/28)

Nadine Strossen featured “When the Cure is Worse than the Disease: A Review of HATE by Nadine Strossen” – NCAC (4/27)

Ari Waldman featured “The main takeaways from the House’s hearing with Diamond and Silk” – Media Matters for America (4/27)

Ari Waldman quoted “Blackburn, Himes Spar Over Diamond and Silk, Social Media at Judiciary Hearing” – Roll Call (4/27)

Ari Waldman quoted “Pro-Trump Social Media Stars Diamond and Silk Offer Inaccurate Testimony Under Oath” – CBS News (4/26)

Ari Waldman quoted “Pro-Trump social media stars Diamond and Silk testify under oath” – CBS News (4/26)

Ari Waldman quoted “Social Media Filtering Is Not Censorship” – Forbes (4/26)

Ari Waldman quoted “Diamond and Silk make false statements to Congress while under oath” – DeadState (4/26)

Stacy-Ann Elvy quoted “What Congress Should Know About the Internet” JSTOR Daily (4/18)

Nadine Strossen featured “Landmarks Cases: Historic Supreme Court Decisions” – CSPAN (4/16) VIDEO

Nadine Strossen featured “Why Are Colleges Obsessed With ‘Free Speech Vs. Hate Speech’ Workshops?” – The Daily Caller (4/15)

Ari Waldman quoted “Facebook is $24 billion richer after Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress” –Action News Now (4/13)

Ari Waldman quoted “The Bargain at the Heart of the Kid Internet” –The Atlantic (4/12)

Ari Waldman quoted “Congress Grilled Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for Nearly 10 Hours. What’s Next?” –Action News Now (4/12)

Nadine Strossen featured “Scholars Clash Over Whether Hate Speech Is Free Speech” –Cornell Daily Sun (4/11)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Attorney-client privilege isn’t dead-even if Trump says it is“ – Daily News (4/10)

Nadine Strossen featured “Is the Cure of Censorship Better than the Disease of Hate Speech?” – Knight First Amendment Institute (4/9)

Andrew Scherer featured “City Watch: Housing Episode” – WBAI Radio – 99.5 (4/7) AUDIO

Nadine Strossen featured “Former ACLU president to speak on fighting hate with free speech in New Milford” – NewsTimes (4/7)

James Simon featured “American ideals: Eisenhower, Warren often clashed on civil rights issues” – WinnipegFreePress (4/7)

Ari Waldman quoted “If Facebook gets regulated, thank vegans” – Quartz (4/5)

Joanne Doroshow quoted “$47M verdict against Conemaugh, doctor likely will be reduced, experts say” – The Tribune-Democrat (3/31)

Nadine Strossen featured “The First Amendment and Hate Speech” – Edward M. Kennedy Institute (3/29) VIDEO

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Ari Waldman quoted “California has a plan to police Facebook” – Quartz (3/22)

Nadine Strossen featured “U.Va. Law School holds debate on abortion in America” – The Cavalier Daily (3/21)

Nadine Strossen featured “Former ACLU Head Sees Campus Speech Under Threat” – Community Idea Stations (3/21)

Robert Blecker featured “Four Games in Fall premieres at West Newton Cinema” – Wicked Local (3/21)

Lenni Benson featured “Advocates Say Teen Migrants Need Help, Not Detention Facilities” – NPR (3/19)

Robert Blecker mentioned “R.I. director set to bring ‘Deflategate’ documentary to Jane Pickens Theater” – New port Daily News (3/16)

Joanne Doroshow quoted “From Opiods to Guns: Cities, Counties Step Up Civil Suits” – Bloomberg News (3/15)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Imperial County is a web of friends and family. Is it too small to investigate itself?” – Desert Sun (3/15)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Feeling fine at 85: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fends off retirement” – USA Today (3/13)

Arthur Leonard featured “LGBT Law Notes Podcast from LeGaL” – PodBean (3/13)

Jacob Sherkow featured “3 Questions for IP Law Professor Jacob Sherkow” – Above the Law (3/13)

Lenni Benson quoted “Trump Administration Moves To Reshape Who Qualifies For Asylum” – NPR (3/12)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Where’s Harvey” – New York Times (3/9)

Lenni Benson featured “2018 J. Luce Foundation Candlelight Award: Professor Lenni B. Benson” – The Stewardship Report (3/7)

Lenni Benson quoted “Jeff Sessions is quietly remaking the US immigration system” – Quartz (3/7)

Jacob Sherkow featured “Law Professor Notes PTAB’s Decision on Sovereign Immunity Goes Well Beyond the Constitution” – IPWatchdog (3/6)

Michael Perlin quoted “We Asked Three Experts To Discuss the Role of Criminal Intent and Insanity in our Legal System” – PacificStandard (3/8)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “The walls are closing in on Paul Manafort – here are his options” – NY Daily News (2/26)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “How Skadden, the Giant Law Firm, Got Entangled in the Mueller Investigation” – New York Times (2/25)

Brian Kaszuba ’04 featured “Attempt to Landmark Angel Guardian Home in Brooklyn” – Currents News, Catholic Net-TV (VIDEO CLIP) – (Aired on 2/20)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “’Move On,’ Judge Tells Defense Lawyers in Corruption Trial” – New York Times (2/14)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “You Can Put a Suit on a Problematic Witness, but Will Jurors Believe Him?” – New York Times (2/12)

Lenni Benson quoted “NYC’s Immigration Court Erodes Accommodations for Children Without Attorneys” – (2/13)

Nadine Strossen featured “On Tour With Notorious R.B.G. Judicial Rock Star” – New York Times (2/8)

Nadine Strossen featured “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wants Parties More United in High Court Confirmation Process” – New York Law Journal (2/6)

Dean Anthony Crowell featured “Returning to NYC, Notorious RBG Reflecting on Her Place in History” – NY1 (2/7) VIDEO

Nadine Strossen & Molly Mauck ’16 featured “Ginsburg Says Politicizing Court A ‘Plague On Both Houses’” – (2/6)

Nadine Strossen featured “Fan 177 (First Amendment News)” –Podcast (2/7)

Ronald H. Filler featured “Bcause announces board election results for first full-stack cryptocurrency ecosystem” – LeapRate (1/25)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Kite Earns Patent for Method to Increase Efficacy of CAR-T” – Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (1/11)

Dean Anthony W. Crowell quoted, Nadine Strossen mentioned “Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Speak at New York Law School” –New York Law Journal (1/8)

Robert Blecker quoted “Death penalty states are looking for new ways to execute people” – Vice News (12/31)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted ”Rosie O’Donnell may be in big trouble after offering to pay Republican Senators to oppose tax bill” – New York Daily News (12/20)

Joanne Doroshow quoted “In Bronx, Obstetricians May Find Work Inspiring, and Careers Hindered” – New York Times (12/15)

Andrew Scherer featured – “Andrew Scherer on Keeping New Yorkers in their Homes” – CityLand (12/18)

Michael Perlin quoted – “Cabezas and Thissen: Death Penalty for Mentally Ill Defendants?” –The News and Advance (12/17)

Lenni Benson featured “1214 News Focus1 with Lenni Benson: Discussion Surrounding U.S. Immigration Law” – TBS eFM This Morning Korea Radio Interview (12/13) AUDIO

Johanna Miller quoted “NYC immigrants fear raids as city fails to destroy ID card records” –NBC News (12/12)

Larry Schnapf quoted “They worked at Laurel Bay schools. They got sick. Now they have questions” The Beaufort Gazette (12/12)

Arthur Leonard featured “LGBT Law Notes Podcast” – PodBean (12/8)

Andrew Scherer and Impact Center for Public Interest Law featured “Panel Discusses Right to Counsel for Eviction Cases in NYC Housing Court” – CityLand (11/28)

Lenni Benson quoted “Backlog in NY Immigration Court Leaves Most Undocumented Children Without Lawyers” – WNYC (11/27)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Hope Hicks Has been a quiet Trump loyalist but is about to be thrust into Robert Mueller’s Russia probe” – New York Daily News (11/25)

David Schoenbrod featured “Congress Can Fix the Regulatory Mess It Created” – Federalist Society Podcast (11/21)

Nadine Strossen featured “Ex-ACLU Chief Urges Free Speech” Valley News (11/10)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Weinstein Work Pulls lawyer Back Into an Ethical Debate” – New York Times (11/7)

Lenni Benson co-authored “Fair Process in Name Only” – Notice & Comment, Yale Journal Blog (11/6)

Robert Blecker quoted “Supreme Court upholds death penalty for murderer who can’t remember his crime” –Washington Times (11/6)

Robert Blecker quoted “Trump Tweets May Complicate Case Against New York Terror Suspect” (attached) – Wall Street Journal (11/2)

Anna Cominsky quoted “Trump’s ‘alarming’ death penalty call threatens suspect’s chance of fair trial, experts warn” – The Guardian (11/2)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Ex-Trump foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos misled FBI about meetings with Russian nationals” – Daily News (10/30)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “ Why George Papadopoulos And His FBI Indictment Could Be Trouble For Donald Trump” – Huffington Post (10/30)

Ari Waldman quoted “Info Wars: Inside the Left’s Online Efforts to Out White Supremacists” – ProPublica (10/30)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Patent dispute for CRISPR-Cas9 continues, Broad Institute denies UC claims” – The Daily Californian (10/30)

Andrew Scherer quoted “How Legal Help Can Prevent Eviction” – Huffington Post (10/27)

Andrew Scherer quoted “How Free Legal Help Can Prevent Evictions” – Public (10/27)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Professor injured in Middlebury riot tells Congress speech is ‘national security’ issue” – The College Fix (10/27)

Nadine Strossen featured “FAN 167.3 (First Amendment News) Campus Debate Continues: Enter Nadine Strossen – Senate Testimony” – Concurring Opinions (10/26)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Senate Mines Free-Speech Violence on College Campuses” – Courthouse News Service (10/26)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Experts Tell Congress Free Speech on Campus ‘Essential’ – Diverse (10/26)

Joanne Doroshow and Center for Justice & Democracy featured “Tear down N.Y.’s Scaffold Law to rebuild infrastructure, group says. Not so fast a law clinic replies.” Washington Post (10/26)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Bitter CRISPR patent war intensifies” Nature (10/26)

Nadine Strossen testimony featured “Exploring Free Speech on Campuses” – U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education Labor & Pensions (10/26)

Nadine Strossen mentioned “Free Speech on Campus Gets a Hearing” – Washington Times (10/25)

Jake Sherkow podcast interview “EPISODE 35: CRISPR, PART II” – Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal (10/20)

Nadine Strossen featured “NYCBA’s Panel Discussion on the First Amendment” New York Law Journal (10/18) Watch VIDEO here.

Arthur Leonard authored “LGBT Law Notes – Presumptuous – Appellate Courts in Arizona and New York Apply Marital Presumptions to Same-Sex Couples” – LGBT Law Notes (10/2017) SEE ATTACHED

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Allergan Ruling Casts Doubt on Tribal Patent Strategy” New York Times (10/17)

Robert Blecker mentioned “The Warren Report” – Vanity Fair (10/16)

Lenni Benson quoted “Trump Wants to Make It Easier to Detain and Deport Unaccompanied Central American Children” – Mother Jones (10/13)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Vance May ‘Rethink’ Attorney Donations Amid Weinstein, Trump Fallout”- New York Law Journal (10/12)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Professors Argue Viewpoint Intolerance on Campus at All-Time High” – Breitbart (10/12)

Nadine Strossen featured “Viewpoint Diversity on Campus’” – FIRE: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (10/11) VIDEO

Nadine Strossen quoted “Professors warn academic intolerance for dissenting views is reaching new highs” The College Fix (10/11)

Shadab Houman quoted “30 Major Developments in the History of Cryptocurrency” – Business Pundit (10/10)


Nadine Strossen featured “Meet the Congressman who’s blocking his constituents online” – Vice News Story HBO (10/5)

Stacy-Ann Elvy featured “Elvy on the Artificially Intelligent Internet of Things & the UCC” – Legal Theory Blog (10/5)


Nadine Strossen mentioned “Hugh Hefner Was My Enemy” – New York Times (9/30)

Alan Appel quoted “Law Firms, Partners Await Answers on Trump Tax Plan” – (9/30)

Jacob Sherkow co-authored “Key challenges in bringing CRISPR-mediated somatic cell therapy into clinic” – Genome Medicine (See attached)

Rebecca Roiphe quoted “Swatch Suit Offers Teachable Moment in Steering Clear of Ethics Pitfall” – New York Law Journal (9/27)

Michael Perlin quoted “When ‘Not Guilty’ Is a Life Sentence” – New York Times (9/27)

Ari Waldman and Jacob Sherkow featured “Two NYLS Professors Will Present at UPenn Law-STEM Forum” – NYLS Community News (9/26)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Allergan deal with Mohawk tribe casts patent shadow” – Financial Times (9/27)

Ari Waldman and Maverick James ’19 co-authored “Victories Like This Week’s Big Arizona Gay Parenting Ruling are at Risk if We Lose SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy” – Towlerroad (9/22)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Panel Advances Key Public Interest Issues In Gene Editing Technology” Intellectual Property Watch (9/21)

Howard Meyers & NYLS Securities Arbitration Clinic quoted “FINRA Bolsters Diversity Efforts in Dispute Resolution Forum” – Securities Law Daily (9/20)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “This pharma CEO won praise for his ‘social contract’ with the public. But latest move could shred that pledge” – STAT (9/19)

Andrew Scherer quoted “City’s New ‘Right to Counsel’ Law to Help Protect Harlem Tenants” The UpTowner (9/19)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Allergan sidesteps patent review with tribal deal” – Chemistry World (9/19)

Robert Blecker quoted “EU Seeks to limit trade of torture instruments” – BBC News (9/18)

David Schoenbrod co-wrote “Blame both Democrats and Republicans if we go broke” – The Hill (9/17)

Nadine Strossen featured  “FAN 161 (First Amendment News) Nadine Strossen’s Next Book – Hate: Why We Should Resist it With Free Speech, Not Censorship” – Concurring Opinions (9/13)

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Deborah Archer mentioned “Tronc, Carton, Carter: This past week’s top business stories” – Crain’s New York Business (9/11)

Joanne Doroshow and Center for Justice and Democracy mentioned “Will Merely Checking to See Whether You Were a Victim of the Equifax Hack Waive Your Right to Sue?” – TVN (9/11)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Patents Take Refuge With Indian Tribe” – Wall Street Journal/ADVFN (9/9)

Jacob Sherkow quoted “Allergan has made an unorthodox agreement with an American Indian tribe to fend off competition for its key product” – Morning Star (9/8)

Art Leonard mentioned “To Every Thing There Is a Season” – San Francisco Bay Times (9/7)

Art Leonard featured in podcast “Yes Your Political Beliefs Can Get You Fired ” – Bloomberg (9/6)

Ruti Teitel authored article “Pardons Are a Loaded Gun” – La Nacion (9/6)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Georgia teacher takes heat for trying to ban  MAGA attire in the classroom” – ABC-WJLA, Washington D.C. (9/5)

Art Leonard article “New Supreme Court Term Could Be Blockbuster” – Gay City News (8/31)

Art Leonard article “Appeals Court Sides With Lesbian Mom” – Gay City News (8/31)

Art Leonard article “Pentagon’s Discretion in Trump Trans Military Directive” – Gay City News (8/31)

Deborah Archer mentioned “Maya Wiley, Head of Civilian Complaint Review Board, Steps Down” – Observer (8/31)

Nadine Strossen featured in podcast “How Does Censorship Affect Women?” – I-Tunes (8/30)

Nadine Strossen mentioned “FIRE announces new Advisory Council” – Before its News (8/30)

Jake Sherkow quoted  “The High Cost of Prescription Drugs in the United States” – Huffington Post (8/29)

Claire Thomas article “Immigration Under Trump: ‘The United States is Full. Go Home.’” – Women Across Frontiers (August 2017)

Nadine Strossen podcast interview “So to Speak” – FIRE (8/22)

Nadine Strossen quoted “Why the ACLU is adjusting its approach to ‘free speech’ after Charlottesville” – Vox (8/21)

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