3/6/2018- Nadine Strossen spoke at the Summit Conference for the leadership of the Cato Institute about the topic of her forthcoming book in Palm Springs, California

3/4/2018- Nadine Strossen spoke at The Diane and Adam E. Max Conference on Women’s History, about “Sex and the Constitution.”

3/03/2018- Anthony Crowell hosted the annual retreat for students from the Dean’s Leadership Council, which focused on cultural competency, diversity, and inclusion

3/03/2018- Nadine Strossen gave a talk on “Promoting Leadership and a Diverse Community through Robust Free Speech,” which was followed by a Business Etiquette lunch led by Anthony and DLC alumni

2/22/2018-2/25/2018- Nadine Strossen participated in the annual conference of the American Booksellers Association in Memphis, Tennessee, as Oxford University Press’s “featured author.” Among her presentations, she spoke on a panel about “Sensitivity Readers and Free Expression,” which was moderated by Christopher Finan, Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Censorship.

2/20/2018- Nadine Strossen spoke to the student body assembly at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, about “Liberty and Equality.”

2/17/2018- Rebecca Roiphe spoke at the Rebellious Lawyering conference at Yale Law School on Saturday. She was part of a panel discussion about whether a good person can be a prosecutor in time in which both law and order prosecutors like Jeff Sessions and reform minded district attorneys like Larry Krasner define our criminal justice system.

2/15/2018- Michael Perlin moderated a panel (on Corrections/Special Needs Offenders) and presented a paper, “ ‘I Met Another Man Who Was Wounded with Hatred’: How We Ignore the Sexual Needs and the Sexual Actions of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities,” at the annual conference of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, in New Orleans, LA.

2/15/2018- Nadine Strossen spoke at the University of Maryland-College Park in a program sponsored by the University and PEN America (the literary/free speech organization) about “Free Speech, Community, and Inclusion on Campus.”

2/13/2018- Nadine Strossen spoke at Loyola University Chicago Law School about her forthcoming book.

2/8/2018- Nadine Strossen spoke at a conference about “Threats to Academic Freedom and Free Speech,” convened by the Institute for Humane Studies in Washington, D.C. She and University of Pennsylvania History Professor Jonathan Zimmerman were co-panelists discussing “Student Culture and Free Speech.”

2/6/2018- Doni Gewirtzman participated in a panel discussion of Professor Bill Araiza’s new book, Animus: A Short Introduction to Bias in the Law at Brooklyn Law School.

2/2/2018- Nadine Strossen was one of three panelists discussing the “Me Too” movement in the first of a 5-part prime-time PBS series, entitled “Me Too; Now What?”

2/2/2018- Michael Perlin presented a paper, “ ‘Some Things are Too Hot to Touch’: Competency, the Right to Sexual Autonomy, and the Roles of Lawyers and Expert Witnesses,” at the 4th annual International Therapeutic Jurisprudence workshop, held at St. Thomas University (FL) Law School

1/15/2018- Art Leonard was interviewed on the LGBT Law Notes Podcast. To listen to this podcast interview, click here.

12/18/2017- Ruti Teitel has spoken at a number of events over the last few weeks including a University of Minnesota Symposium titled “Jus Post Bellum: Justice after War,“ a Faculty Workshop also at the University of Minnesota, an NYU International Relations event titled “Transitional Justice and Human Security Workshop,” an NYU Law Institute for International Law and Justice Workshop on “Territoriality in the History of International Law,” an Oxford University Law Faculty Panel talk titled “Victims and Transitional Justice,” and she was the Keynote Speaker at the Latin American International Law Conference at the University of Di Tella in Buenos Aires.

12/11/2017- Nadine Strossen spoke at a program on “Promoting Free Speech on College Campuses:  A Constructive Conversation,” at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

12/13/2017- Nadine Strossen did a filmed interview in New York City for Lumen Student News, a new online video news service for students ages 11-17, for a Special Report about current campus First Amendment controversies

12/15/2017- Nadine Strossen was interviewed for a forthcoming episode of the “More Perfect” podcast (produced by Radiolab, WNYC radio), about “hate speech” controversies

12/08/2017- Arthur Leonard was interviewed on the LGBT Law Notes Podcast. To listen to this podcast interview, click here.

12/04/2017- Lynn Su was a presenter at the Teachers’ Orientation for the New York City High School Mock Trial Tournament.

11/30/2017- Nadine Strossen made a presentation to the staff of Oxford University Press’s USA headquarters, as part of an Author Workshop Series (staff members vote on the forthcoming OUP books whose authors they will invite to speak/lead discussions) in New York City.

11/28/2017- On November 28, David Schoenbrod participated in an all-day meeting at NYU hosted by The Daily Beast’s Editor-in-Chief John Avlon, former Congressman Mickey Edwards, Professor Jonathan Haidt, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget Maya MacGuinneas, and others entitled “Democracy at the Crossroads.”

11/20/2017- On November 20, the Federalist Society hosted a discussion featuring David Schoenbrod being interviewed by the Hon. Susan Dudley, Director, Regulatory Studies Center and Distinguished Professor of Practice, The George Washington University

11/17/2017- Jake Sherkow spoke at the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law conference on Synthetic Biology and Gene Editing in Copenhagen. He spoke about the relationship between synthetic biology and CRISPR with respect to patent protection.

11/15/20170- Nadine Strossen was interviewed for a forthcoming episode of the “More Perfect” podcast (produced by Radiolab, WNYC radio), about “hate speech” controversies

11/09/2017- Cynara Hermes McQuillan  co-presented on her work teaching Critical Reading and Thinking with the Ron Brown Prep Program Foundations at the AccessLex Legal Education Research Symposium in Clearwater Beach, FL. The Ron Brown Prep Program was a 2016 AccessLex Legal Education Diversity Pipeline Grant recipient.

11/09/2017- Nadine Strossen spoke at an Open Society Foundation program in New York City about “Incitement on Trial:  Prosecuting International Speech Crimes,” focusing on a new book by Richard Ashby Wilson, Founding Director of the Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut School of Law

11/09/2017- Nadine Strossen spoke at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire about freedom of speech on campus, in a program co-sponsored by the Dartmouth Open Campus Coalition, Dartmouth College Democrats, Dartmouth College Republicans, and the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy.

11/07/2017- Nadine Strossen spoke at a symposium sponsored by the University of St. Thomas Journal of Law, about “Campus Speech in Uncertain Times:  Hopes & Challenges?” in St. Paul, Minnesota

11/03/2017- Jake Sherkow spoke at the Ninth Annual Georgetown Law-Berkeley Law Conference on The Role of the Courts in Patent Law and Policy, held this year at the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. He presented on three significant patent cases decided in the past year: Sandoz v. Amgen; Amgen v. Sanofi; and Thales Visionix Inc. v. United States.

11/02/2017- Lloyd Bonfield participated in a session on Widows in European Economy and Society 1600 to 1920 at the Social Science History Association Annual Meeting in Montreal

11/02/2017- Nadine Strossen spoke at the Brooklyn Public Library, as part of a series of programs about “Freedom of Speech and Assembly after Charlottesville: Should We Limit the First Amendment?”

10/31/2017- Ross Sandler  participated in a ceremony at the New York City Council where the Council adopted a proclamation honoring the 25th anniversary of Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation. He co-founded SASF with two other in 1992 and served as chair of the board from 2012 to 2015. 

10/30/2017- Andrew Scherer spoke on a lunchtime panel at Hofstra Law School titled “Justice for All: Moving Toward Civil Gideon in New York.”

10/27/2017- Robert Blecker  hosted a symposium with the NYLS Law Review titled “What Can Law Teach Sport and Sport Teach Law(yers)?” As part of this day-long symposium that he conceived, Robert held an in-depth discussion and freewheeling discussion with Marc Lasry ’84, CEO of Avenue Capital and Co-Owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. The symposium also featured discussions with the world’s leading thinkers in the philosophy of sport, including an Olympic silver medalist.

10/27/2017- Nadine Strossen  spoke at Harvard Law School as part of its “World Bicentennial Summit,” on a panel about “Women Leaders in Law and Beyond,” moderated by Harvard Law School Professor Jody Freeman.

10/25/2017- Doni Gewirtzman, Art Leonard, Frank Munger, and Martin Flaherty participated in a Supreme Court Roundup panel sponsored by the NYLS chapters of the American Constitution Society and the Federalist Society.

10/24/2017- Nadine Strossen  spoke at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia about current free speech controversies (in a program co-sponsored by WVU’s Law School and Business School). 

10/23/2017- Ruti Teitel chaired an exchange about occupied territories under international law for International Law Weekend, held at Fordham Law School.

10/23/2017-Stacy-Ann Elvy  participated in a roundtable held by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security in Washington, DC evaluating Internet of Things privacy, security and liability issues. She was one of fifteen legal experts across the country from the private bar selected by the DHS and the DOJ to participate in the roundtable.

10/23/2017-Doni Gewirtzman  gave a presentation on “The 2016 Election, Electoral Politics, and the Constitution) for the NYLS Impact Center as part of the Impact Today series.

10/23/2017- Alan Appel  spoke at NYU’s 76th Institute on Federal Taxation on the topic of “Tax Planning for U.S. Business Operations of Foreign-Owned Enterprises”. He will be presenting this panel again in San Francisco on November 13 as part of the same NYU program.

10/21/2017- Nadine Strossen  delivered the Keynote Address for the Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) Southern Regional Conference (20 chapters), on the theme of “Voices of a Generation: Talk & Shout, Let it All Out!” (about intellectual freedom on campus), hosted by Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California.

10/21/2017-William LaPiana and Matt Gewolb attended the American Bar Association’s 2017 Site Evaluation Workshop in Chicago to prepare to engage in both site evaluations at other institutions and NYLS’s own site evaluation in the spring of 2019.

10/20/2017- Ruti Teitel  chaired an exchange about occupied territories under international law for International Law Weekend, held at Fordham Law School.

10/20/2017-Jake Sherkow  was interviewed by Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal’spodcast in an episode titled “Episode 35: CRISPR, Part II.”

10/20/2017- The Cato Institute posted an interview with David Schoenbrod titled “Washington’s Five Tricks.”

10/19/2017- Nadine Strossen  spoke at Yale Law School as part of a speaker series sponsored by Yale Law Women, entitled “Reflections on the Glass Ceiling.”

10/19/2017- David Schoenbrod spoke at the University of Texas about “Congressional Responsibility for Environmental Regulation” at the invitation of that School’s Federalist Society.

10/19/2017- Jake Sherkow  presented on a panel at the annual convention of the American Society for Bioethics and the Humanities in Kansas City, Missouri. The panel, “Patents for the people: The extraordinary events behind a trailblazing CRISPR technology deal,” was about the Broad Institute’s licensing practices with respect to the CRISPR landscape.

10/18/2017- David Schoenbrod spoke at Texas A&M School of Law about DC Confidential at the invitation of the school’s Federalist Society.

10/17/2017- Nadine Strossen  spoke at the New York City Bar Association on a panel titled “The First Amendment: From Skokie to Charlottesville & Beyond.” Another panelist was NYLS Adjunct Professor Daniel Kornstein.

10/14/17- Jake Sherkow  took part in a YouTube Webinar  through the New York State Science and Technology Law Center on CRISPR. To view, click here.

10/13/17- Michael Perlin participated in the initial Board of Trustees meeting of the newly-launched International Society of Therapeutic Jurisprudence at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto. 

10/13/17- Ruti Teitel participated in a Council on Foreign Relations Back to School event for Faculty and Students on Globalization. NYLS International Law students were invited.

10/13/17- Jake Sherkow spoke at the Wiet Life Sciences Conference at Loyola University Chicago School of Law on a new paper, “IP, Surrogate Licenses, and Precision Medicine” (with co-author Jorge L. Contreras of the University of Utah). The paper examined the difficulties in the practice of surrogate licensing from universities for new classes of precision medicine therapies.

10/13/17-, Nadine Strossen taught two classes at Franklin & Marshall, one in a course on “Freedom of Speech” and the other in a course on “Race and Representation.”

10/12/17- Nadine Strossen made a presentation at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, about the topic of her forthcoming book.

10/10/17- Nadine Strossen participated in a panel discussion at NYU’s Stern School of Business on “Viewpoint Diversity on Campus.”

10/10/17- Jake Sherkow spoke at Barclay’s annual Generic and Pharmaceutical Innovation Symposium. He discussed the controversy surrounding Allergan’s transfer of its Restasis patents to the St. Regis Mohawk tribe in an effort to shield those patents from challenge per the tribe’s sovereign immunity.

10/07/17- Ari Waldman and Jacob Sherkow presented their papers at the Inaugural Law-STEM Junior Scholar Forum at the University of Pennsylvania

10/06/17- Stacy-Ann Elvy remotely presented her article “Commodifying Consumer Data,” which is forthcoming in the Boston College Law Review, at the Property Implications of the Sharing Economy Conference held at Penn State Law School. The conference was cosponsored by the AALS Property and Commercial and Related Consumer Law sections.

10/06/17- Anthony Crowell attended the NALP Summit on Emerging Careers for Law Grads in Washington, DC. He was a featured speaker on the topic of “Informed and Engaged Outreach for Emerging Legal Jobs: A Template for Law Schools.”

10/04/17- Ruti Teitel chaired a lecture by Adalah Director Hassan Jabareen focusing on transitional justice in the Middle East titled “Populism and Israel Palestine Conflict”

10/04/17- Anthony Crowell delivered his annual overview of municipal governance in New York City to the new class of New York City Urban Fellows. Twenty-five Urban Fellows attended the event at NYLS. Matt Gewolb and Ariel Dvorkin joined Anthony in making the presentation to the group.

10/03/17- NYLS hosted the Public Pension Trustees Fiduciary Conference in conjunction with the New York City Mayor’s Office. Anthony Crowell was the luncheon speaker and spoke about New York City’s efforts to enhance Trustees’ exercise of fiduciary responsibilities over the past 15 years.

10/03/17- Nadine Strossen addressed The Freedom Project at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts about the topic of her forthcoming book.

9/29/17- Nadine Strossen appeared on a panel with Flemming Rose of the Danish Cartoon Controversy for PBS’ new late night talk show, The Third Rail with OZY.

9/28/17- Nadine Strossen made a featured presentation at the 2017 Conference of the Center for the Study of American Democracy, on the theme of Free Speech, Civil Discourse at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio.  She was interviewed by Paul Singer, Washington, D.C. correspondent for USA TODAY, on this question: “Is Free Speech the Enemy of Civil Society?”

9/27/17- Houman Shadab spoke on a panel on Data & Analytics in the Law hosted by Evolve Law in New York City.

9/26/17- Houman Shadab gave a presentation on Contract Digitization at the annual Clio Cloud conference on September 26 held in New Orleans.

9/21/17- Houman Shadab spoke on the panel “Paradigm Shift: Examining the Blockchain Business Revolution” at the 2017 Emerging Legal Technology Forum held in Toronto, Canada on September 21. 

9/20/17- David Schoenbrod gave a talk on his book, DC Confidential: Inside the Five Tricks of Washington at Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law.

9/19/17- David Schoenbrod spoke about his new book, DC Confidential: Inside the Five Tricks of Washington at the Cato Institute on September 19.

9/18/17- Bill LaPiana gave a CLE presentation on the proposed New York Trust Code to the Surrogate’s Court Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association.

9/16/17- Bill LaPiana was part of a September 15 panel at the Joint Fall CLE meeting of the Tax and Real Property Trust and Estate Law Sections of the American Bar Association. The topic was “Document Construction Issues Raised by Changing Concepts of Family, Gender, and Race: If My Grandson becomes My Granddaughter Will She Get the Farm?”

9/15/17- Nadine Strossen spoke at a conference titled “The Future of Speech Online” and sponsored by the Center for Democracy and Technology and the Newseum in Washington, D.C. The conference marked the 20th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision about the First Amendment online, Reno v. ACLU.

9/15/17- Alan Appel ’76 was a panelist at a joint meeting of the American Bar Association Section of Taxation and the Trust and Estate Law Division of the Section of Real Property, Trust, and Estate Law in Austin, Texas. His panel, held today, was titled “Hiding the Ball.” Alan’s presentation was mentioned in a TaxProfs Blog post.

9/15/16- Jacob Sherkow he presented a talk, “CRISPR Patents: An ELSI Review,” at a workshop in Washington, D.C. titled “Patents, the Public Interest and Two New Medical Technologies: CRISPR and CAR T.”

9/14/17- Jacob Sherkow presented his working paper “Cancer’s IP,” forthcoming in the North Carolina Law Review, at a Syracuse University College of Law Faculty Workshop on September 14. The same day, he also presented a webinar, “CRISPR Patents: An ELSI Review,” to the New York State Science and Technology Law Center’s Technology Commercialization Law Program in Syracuse, New York.

9/14/17- Stacy-Ann Elvy participated in the Article 1 and 2 Uniform Commercial Code Joint Subcommittee Meeting at the American Bar Association’s Business Law Annual Conference today in Chicago, Illinois.

9/14/17- Howard S. Meyers was a guest panelist at the September 14 event “Fast Fashion Pitfalls,” where he discussed legal and ethical issues concerning supply-chain management in the fashion industry. The event was sponsored by NYLS’s Media, Entertainment, and Fashion Law Association.

9/13/17- Nadine Strossen was interviewed for a documentary film series about major constitutional rights cases.

9/11/17- On September 11, Nadine Strossen filmed an interview for a Vice Media feature about whether politicians’ social media platforms should be governed by the First Amendment.

10/17/17-  Nadine Strossen will join an expert panel at the New York City Bar Association event “The First Amendment: From Skokie to Charlottesville & Beyond.” Find more information on the event here.

9/19/17- David Schoenbrod will give a talk about his book DC Confidential: Inside the Five Tricks of Washington at the Cato Institute in D.C. on September 19.

9/06/17- Ari Waldman presented his latest research in a talk to the faculty at St. John’s University School of Law on Wednesday, September 6. The talk, “Designing With Privacy,” focused on Ari’s recent ethnographic work on how technologists fail to integrate privacy protections into the designs of new technologies and specific steps we can take to change that.

9/03/17- Jacob Sherkowwas featured in a September 3rd report from industry reporting organization, Biocentury on Allergan’s Restasis patent transfer gambit with the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe .

8/22/17- Alan Appel delivered a lecture for HAB Bank titled “FATCA: Beyond GIIN.”

8/15/17- Gerald Korngold spoke at an International Land Value Capture Research Symposium in Cambridge, Massachusetts, held August 15 to 17. His topic was “Legal Foundations and Regulatory Frameworks for Value Capture in the U.S.”

8/11/17- Jacob Sherkow presented a talk, “Form Follows Function–in Patent Claims” to the 2017 IP Scholars Conference (IPSC) hosted at Cardozo School of Law. IPSC “brings together intellectual property scholars to present their works-in-progress in order to benefit from the critique of colleagues,” a “free-ranging discussion and to help scholars hone their ideas.”

8/11/17- Ross Sandler was the keynote speaker at the annual Jefferson Fordham lunch sponsored by the ABA Section on State and Local Government Law.

8/09/17- NYLS was strongly represented at the annual conference of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS).Anthony Crowell attended a series of dean-focused panels along with several dozen law school deans, and Lisa Grumet and Frank Bress attended a number of discussions.

8/01/17- Rebecca Roiphe presented her article, “The President, the Department of Justice, and Prosecutorial Independence” at the annual Legal Ethics Schmooze at UCLA Law School.  She was among 25 invited participants, who each presented an early draft. The conference covered topics in both legal ethics and the legal profession. She also had a blog post titled “A History of Prosecutorial Independence in America” published on the American Constitution Society Blog. To read, click here.

7/29/17- From July 26-29, Mariana Hogan ran a Trial Skills program for lawyers in the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General.  Earlier in July, she was a faculty member at a similar program for lawyers in the New York City Law Department.

7/28/17- David Schoenbrod was interviewed on the Federalist Society for Law and Public Studies podcast about his book DC Confidential. To listen to this podcast interview, click here.

7/27/17- Jacob Sherkow’s working paper with Jorge L. Contreras (Utah), “IP, Surrorgate Licensing, and Precision Medicine,” was recently selected for presentation at the inaugural Wiet Life Science Law Scholars Conference at the Beazley Institute of Health Law and Policy, Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

7/20/17- Alan Appel spoke at the NYU Summer Institute in Taxation on the topic of “Foreign Persons Investing in US Real Estate and Other Assets: Partnership and Other Structures, Treaty Planning and Financing Strategies.”

7/19/17- Alan Appel spoke at the NYU Summer Institute in Taxation on the topic of “Case Studies for Outbound and Inbound Investments.”

6/30/17- Doni Gewirtzman interviewed by Fusion for a segment titled “Impeached? Sure. Sued in civil court? Yep. But can a sitting president be criminally prosecuted––that’s much less clear.” To watch, click here.

3/30/17- Joanne Doroshow interviewed on the Dan Mason Show on KOH-AM

3/29/17- Joanne Doroshow interviewed on “Good Mornings” on WFIN-AM

3/26/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on We the People on KCNR-AM

3/26/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on Liberty Watch on KVOI-AM

3/22/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on Al Malmberg Show on WCCO-AM

3/22/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on A.M. Baton Rouge on WBRP-FM

3/22/17- Doni Gewirtzman interviewed in “Equal Rights Amendment remains in legal limbo” on Fox5

3/21/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on KZIM Morning Newswatch on KZIM-AM

3/21/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on The Morning Show with Preston Scott on WFLA-FM

3/15/17- David Schoenbrod interviewed on “Opinion Journal” Wall Street Journal Video (begins at 10:14)

3/13/17- Lenni Benson interviewed in “Brasileiros ilegais nos EUA temem cerco de Donald Trump a imigrantes

3/10/17 – David Schoenbrod interviewed on a number of radio shows for his book D.C. Confidential including “Phil Cowan Show” (KTKZ-AM), “Tom Brown Show” (WEZS-AM), “Frank Beckmann Show” (WJR-AM), “The Michele McPhee Show” (WMEX-AM), and “Mike Janocik Show” (WLCR-AM)

3/8/17 – David Schoenbrod interviewed on “Podcast: Exposing The Tricks Of D.C. Politicians, And A Note For Our Listeners”

3/8/17 – David Schoenbrod interviewed on WKRC-AM’s  “The 55KRC Morning Show”

3/7/17 – David Schoenbrod interviewed on WPHM-AM’s Morning Show with Paul Miller

2/25/17 – Michael Perlin and Heather Ellis Cucolo ‘03 keynoted the annual symposium titled “Arbitrary Injustice: Reflections on the Exercise and Abuse of Discretion in the Justice System” of the Journal of Gender, Race & Justice at the University of Iowa Law School. 

2/23/17 – Stacy-Ann Elvy served as a panelist on a session at the 2017 Center for European Policy Studies Ideas Lab, a leading think tank, in Brussels, Belgium. The panel explored the data collection, privacy and security issues raised by the internet of things. The conference is one of the main events on the Brussels’ calendar with over 100 distinguished speakers who are brought together to debate key policy issues.

2/15/17 – Ronald Filler spoke before the Chicago Bar Association’s Futures Law Committee. He chaired this Committee some 30+ years ago.

2/15/1 – David Schoenbrod had a column published in The Hill, the primary publication devoted to covering Congress, titled “To have a better, more honest Congress, change its incentives.” To read, click here.

2/15/17 – Rebecca Roiphe and Doni Gewirtzman gave a joint presentation on Executive Power in the Age of Trump as part of the Impact Center’s Impact Today lunch series.

2/6/17 – Doni Gewirtzman was interviewed on BBC World News.

2/3/17 – Richard Sherwin was interviewed on the “The Dean Obeidallah Show” by Seem Jon ’12 on Sirius Radio, discussing “3 Scenarios For The Future Of The American Justice System.” To listen, click here.

2/2/17 –Nadine Strossen spoke at a “Teleforum” sponsored by the national Federalist Society about a new book by Stuart Taylor and K.C. Johnson, The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities.

1/31/17 – Doni Gewirtzman was interviewed on CNN in “Is Trump’s travel ban legal?”

1/27/17 – Stacy-Ann Elvy presented her article “Secured Credit and Consumer Data in the Age of the Internet of Things” at the George Washington University Law School.

1/27/17 –Jacob Sherkow presented his working paper, “Cancer’s IP” to a group of scholars at the Center for Protection of Intellectual Property in Austin, Texas.

1/26/17 – Doni Gewirtzman was interviewed on CNN in “Can Trump do something illegal?” 

1/26/17 – Anthony Crowell delivered remarks for the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) 2017 Legal Recruiting Summit at New York Law School. The conference was attended by employers and law school career services professionals from around the country.

1/26/17 – Art Leonard taught a class as part of LeGaL’s annual LGBT Law Year in Review CLE. The program will cover the key federal and state court decisions and legislative developments of the past year, with some glimpses of what might be expected in 2017.

1/25/17 – Anthony Crowell, as part of his ongoing work with New York City’s Urban Fellows Program and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), delivered a lecture to the inaugural group of New York City Social Justice Fellows, a new program created by the New York City Council and run by DCAS, for new law graduates to work on social justice policies within City government.His lecture provided a broad overview of City government and a roadmap of how new lawyers can work strategically with agency heads and general counsels to effect meaningful and lasting change.

1/24/17 – Nadine Strossen addressed a gathering of federal judges and their law clerks at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, which was hosted by Judge Joel Slomsky ’70, speaking about constitutional law and civil liberties issues under the Trump Administration.  She also spoke at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in a program entitled,  “Is Free Speech Under Attack? To read an article about the UPenn event, click here. To listen to a podcast of the Teleforum, click here.

1/24/17 – Anthony Crowell delivered remarks at the Third Annual ADR Symposium: ADR and Diversity, organized by F. Peter Phillips, director of the ADR Dispute Resolutions Skills Program in partnership with the ABA’s Business Law Section.

1/19-21/17 – Ronald Filler spoke on a panel on “Legal Ethics and Whistleblowers” at the ABA Derivatives Law Committee Program in Naples, FL.

1/19/17 – Jacob Sherkow presented a talk on his paper, “Cancer’s IP” to the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Also, Jake’s newest article, “Patent Law’s Reproducibility Paradox”

1/12/17 – David Schoenbrod was a panelist at an all-day conference at the Congressional Auditorium at the Capitol sponsored by the Federalist Society. The subject was Article I of the Constitution and the speakers were primarily academics and members of Congress from both parties.

1/12/17 – Nadine Strossen was interviewed by Deutsche Welle, German international public radio, about Donald Trump’s attacks on freedom of the press. To listen, click here.

1/10/17 – Nadine Strossen spoke at the University of Washington in Seattle, for a program sponsored by UW’s Race & Equity Initiative. The topic was “Speech and Counter-speech on Campus: Rights & Responsibilities.”