Faculty Profiles

NYLS faculty members are dedicated teachers who combine academic accomplishment and professional achievement with a commitment to educational excellence.

Outstanding intellectual leadership and scholarship from a law school faculty are expected. At NYLS, students enjoy something more: a dynamic group of teachers with extensive professional and public policy accomplishments. Most faculty members have had significant prior experience in legal practice: as public defenders, corporate lawyers, jurists, in government, and as advocates for the public interest. This rich store of real-world experience enables students to better understand the law from the perspective of the practicing attorney.

Currently, the School has over 60 full-time professors, and over 100 adjunct professors: experts actively engaged in their fields. Their backgrounds and perspectives form the foundation of students’ educational experience. Click faculty names for their individual profiles.

NYLS is committed both to assisting new faculty in developing as scholars and teachers, and to building and maintaining the School’s vibrant scholarly and pedagogical community for all faculty, junior and senior, full-time and adjunct.