portrait of professor faith stevelman

Faith Stevelman

Professor of Law

Faith Stevelman

Professor of Law

Professor Faith Stevelman is a well-known authority on corporate governance and securities law. Her teaching and scholarly interests range from the nuts and bolts of merger deals and doctrine to the conceptual underpinnings of corporate disclosure. Before joining the faculty, Professor Stevelman spent four years as a transactional lawyer in Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson’s New York office, after graduating from New York University School of Law. Prior to law school, Professor Stevelman was a Ph.D. candidate at Yale studying early modern history—a program she credits with awakening her interest in the connection between economic, legal, and political systems and their impact on the broader culture. In her advanced seminars, Professor Stevelman updates her students on the latest market and legal developments in financing and acquisition transactions, whenever possible collaborating with high level practicing lawyers to supplement the traditional curriculum. In 2003–2004 she was in residence at Georgetown University Law Center as the recipient of a prestigious research fellowship awarded by the Sloan Program on Business and Society.


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