Professorships, Lectureships, and Awards

Distinguished Chair in Immigration and Human Rights Law

Incumbent: Lenni B. Benson, since 2019. (Read the press release.)

Theodore Dwight 125th Anniversary Professor

Honors the late Theodore Dwight, who was instrumental in founding NYLS in 1891.

Incumbent: David Chang, since 2015. (Read the press release; watch the investiture video.)

John Marshall Harlan II Professor

Established to honor the memory of John Marshall Harlan II (Class of 1924), who served as an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court from 1955 to 1971.

John Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law Emerita: Nadine Strossen (2014 to 2019). (Read the press release; watch the investiture video.)

The professorship has previously been held on a visiting basis by

John Hart Ely, Stanford Law School
Jeffrey O’Connell, University of Virginia School of Law
Michael Perry, Northwestern University School of Law
Harry H. Wellington, Yale Law School
G. Edward White, University of Virginia Law School
Peter H. Schuck, Yale Law School

Martin Professor

Established with the support of the Martin Foundation Inc., in memory of Lester Martin, an industrialist, financier, and noted philanthropist.

Martin Professor in Memoriam (2015 to 2019): Stephen J. Ellmann (1951–2019).

Martin Professor Emeritus (2013 to 2015): Jethro K. Lieberman.

The professorship has previously been held on a visiting basis by

Charles Morgan, American Civil Liberties Union 
Robert Foster, Dean, University of South Carolina School of Law
Hon. Edward D. Re, Chief Judge, U.S. Court of International Trade
Norman Dorsen, New York University School of Law
Arthur Kinoy, Rutgers University School of Law
William Kunstler, Center for Constitutional Rights

The Sidney Shainwald Public Interest Lecture Series

The Sidney Shainwald Public Interest Lecture Series, established in 2004, is a tribute to Sidney Shainwald, an impassioned advocate for social justice who worked for Consumers Union from 1937 to 1982. The series honors Mr. Shainwald’s life and work by bringing public interest and consumer advocates together and is intended to encourage students to consider public interest work as a viable and exciting career choice.

Joseph Solomon Professorships

Two chairs were established through the generosity of the late Dr. Solomon ’27, a leading practitioner in the field of wills, trusts, and estates:

Joseph Solomon Distinguished Professorship of Law
Incumbent: Edward A. Purcell Jr., since 2000.

Rita and Joseph Solomon Professorship of Wills, Trusts, and Estates
Incumbent: William P. LaPiana, since 1993.

C.V. Starr Professor of the Law of International Trade and Finance

Established by the Starr Foundation in memory of its founder, the late C.V. Starr.

C.V. Starr Professor Emeritus: Sydney M. Cone III, Emeritus Director of the Center for International Law

Wallace Stevens Professor of Law

The professorship honors the memory of a great American poet and 1903 NYLS graduate, and acknowledges the arts and humanities as a force in the lives of so many NYLS lawyers and the greater New York legal community.

Incumbent: Richard K. Sherwin, since 2014. (Read the press release; watch the investiture video.)

Ernst C. Stiefel Comparative and International Law Program

Established by Ernst Stiefel to support new projects and initiatives in the areas of comparative and international law; supports symposia, visiting lectureships, scholarships, and faculty research activities

Ernst C. Stiefel Professorship in Comparative Law
This professorship was established in 1996 by Ernst C. Stiefel, a leading practitioner of international and comparative law who was counsel to Coudert Brothers.

Incumbent: Professor Ruti Teitel, since 1999.

Trustee Professor

Incumbent: David S. Schoenbrod, since 2006.

Robert F. Wagner Professor of Labor and Employment Law

Established to honor the memory of distinguished alumnus and U.S. Senator Robert F. Wagner Sr. (Class of 1900).

Incumbent: Arthur S. Leonard, since 2017. (Read the press release; watch the investiture video.)

Otto L. Walter Distinguished Chair in Tax Law

Established by the Otto and Fran Walter Foundation to honor distinguished alumnus and benefactor, the late Otto Walter ’54, who founded Walter, Conston, Alexander & Green P.C., a firm that became well-known for its specialized practice in transnational law and would later merge with Alston & Bird LLP

Incumbent: Ann F. Thomas, since 2013.

Otto L. Walter Lecture in International Law

A lecture series established by NYLS to honor its distinguished alumnus and benefactor, the late Otto Walter ’54.

Walter Jeffords Jr.  Distinguished Writing Award (1978–1994)

Otto L. Walter Distinguished Writing Award

Made possible by a gift of Otto L. Walter, LL.D. (Hon.) 1984 to honor the most distinguished publications of full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and students, respectively; conferred at Commencement.

Teaching Awards

Given annually to a faculty member whom the graduating class wishes to recognize for excellence in teaching; conferred at Commencement.