The Clinical Theory Workshops

Chair: Professor Stephen Ellmann, Director of the Office of Clinical and Experiential Learning

These workshops have met regularly at New York Law School since 1992, and have been a model for the development of similar workshops elsewhere in the United States. Focused on clinical legal issues broadly defined—understanding lawyering skills, training students in them, and encountering the realities of the world of law practice—these workshops draw faculty from the many law schools of the New York metropolitan area to meet and discuss papers presented by clinical educators from around the country. The workshops meet six times each school year.

2016 – 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017, 4:10 p.m.–6:00 p.m.: Karla McKanders, University of Tennessee College of Law, “Being the Change in the South: Allyship and Lawyering with Immigrant Communities in Tennessee,” Clin. L. Rev. (forthcoming) (chaired by Professor Richard Marsico)

2015 – 2016

Friday, September 18, 2015, Room W504: Eduardo R.C. Capulong, University of Montana School of Law, presenting the Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2 of Eduardo R.C. Capulong, Michael A. Millemann, Sara Rankin & Nantiya Ruan, The New 1L: First Year Lawyering with Clients (Carolina Academic Press 2015)

Friday, October 16, 2015 Elizabeth Cooper, Fordham University School of Law, “The Appearance of Professionalism: Clothes, Cleavage, Conformance and Clinical Pedagogy”

Friday, November 6, 2015: Margaret E. Reuter, Indiana University, Maurer School of Law, and Joanne Ingham, New York Law School, “The Practice Value of Experiential Legal Education: An Examination of Enrollment Patterns, Course Intensity, and Career Relevance,” 22 Clin. L. Rev. (2015) (forthcoming)

Friday, February 12, 2016: Julie Lawton, DePaul University College of Law, “Am I My Client? Revisited: The Role of Race in Intra-Race Legal Representation”

Friday, February 26, 2016: Tim Casey, California Western School of Law, “Measuring Moral Development in Law Students”

Thursday, April 21, 2016: Anthony V. Alfieri, University of Miami School of Law, “Rebellious Pedagogy and Practice”

2014 – 2015

Friday, September 26, 2014: Jeff Pokorak, Ilene Seidman & Gerald M. Slater, Suffolk University Law School, “Stop Thinking and Start Doing: Three-Year Accelerator-to-Practice Program as a Market-Based Solution for Legal Education,” 43 Wash U.J.L. & Policy 59 (2014)

Friday, October 17, 2014, at Fordham: Ian Weinstein, Fordham University School of Law, “Access to Civil Justice in America: What Do We Know?”, in Beyond Elite Law: Access to Civil Justice for Americans of Average Means, Samuel Estreicher and Joy Radice eds. (forthcoming)

Friday, December 5, 2014: Susan Brooks, Drexel University School of Law, “Using a Communication Perspective to Teach Relational Lawyering”

Friday, February 13, 2015: Kathryn M. Stanchi, Temple University Beasley School of Law, “Aggression Doesn’t Work: Why a Reasonable Tone is More Persuasive”

Friday, February 27, 2015: Katherine R. Kruse and Sharon Press (co-author Bobbi McAdoo), Hamline University School of Law, “Client Problem-Solving: Where ADR and Lawyering Skills Meet,” Elon Law Review (forthcoming)

Friday, March 20, 2015: Hina Shah, Golden Gate University School of Law, “Notes from the Field: The Role of the Lawyer in Grassroots Policy Advocacy,” Clinical Law Review (forthcoming)

2013 – 2014

Friday, September 27, 2013:  Robert R. Kuehn, Washington University School of Law, “Pricing Clinical Education,” available at

Friday, October 25, 2013: Jennifer Rosen Valverde, Rutgers University School of Law – Newark, “Hindsight is 20/20: Finding Teachable Moments in the Extraordinary and Applying Them to the Ordinary,” forthcoming in the Clinical Law Review (Fall 2013)  

Friday, December 6, 2013: Douglas N. Frenkel, University of Pennsylvania Law School, & James H. Stark, University of Connecticut School of Law,”Improving Lawyers’ Judgment:  Is Mediation Training De-biasing?”

Friday, February 7, 2014: Carolyn Kaas, Quinnipiac University School of Law, Cynthia Batt, Stetson University College of Law, Lisa R. Bliss, Georgia State University College of Law, Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, University of New Mexico School of Law, and Deborah A. Maranville, University of Washington School of Law, “Building on Best Practices: Establishing the Experiential Continuum in Legal Education”

Friday, March 21, 2014: Ruth Anne Robbins, Rutgers School of Law – Camden, and Steven J.  Johansen, Lewis and Clark Law School, “Picture this: the ethos of imaging in legal documents”

Friday, April 4, 2014: Vanessa Merton, Pace University School of Law, “Practice in Extremis: Supervision and Quality Control”


Friday, October 5, 2012:

Conrad Johnson, Columbia University School of Law, & Sue Bryant, CUNY School of Law at Queens College, “Clinical Fieldwork Design: The Experience that Sparks the Learning”

Friday, November 30, 2012:

Deborah Archer, New York Law School, “There Is No Santa Clause: The Challenge of Teaching the Next Generation of Civil Rights Lawyers in a ‘Post-Racial’ Society”

Friday, January 25, 2013:

Colleen Shanahan, Georgetown University Law Center, “Reflective Public Learning: Lessons from the Intersection of New Governance and Clinical Legal Education”

Friday, February 15, 2013:

Ben Barton, University of Tennessee College of Law, “American Lawyers at the Crossroads.”

Friday, March 15, 2013:

Jon Dubin, Rutgers School of Law – Newark, “The Rutgers Cases and the State of the Law of State Law School Clinical Programs”

Friday, April 5, 2013:

Nantiya Ruan, University of Denver, Sturm College of Law, “Experiential Learning in the First-Year Curriculum: The Public-Interest Partnership,” 8 Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD 191 (2011)


Friday, September 30, 2011:

Tonya Kowalski, Washburn University School of Law,Toward a Pedagogy for Teaching Legal Writing in Law School Clinics, 17 Clinical Law Review 285 (2010).

Friday, November 4, 2011:

Wendy Bach, University of Tennessee College of Law, Maximum Feasible What? Seeking Deepened Democracy in Social Welfare Policy from the Ashes of the War on Poverty

Friday, February 10, 2012:

Carole Silver, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Unpacking the Apprenticeship of Professional Identity and Purpose: Insights from the Law School Survey of Student Engagement, 17 Journal of the Legal Writing Institute — (forthcoming) (co-authored with Amy Garver and Lindsay Watkins)

Friday, March 9, 2012:

Carmen V. Huertas-Noble, City University of New York, School of Law at Queens College, Promoting and Navigating Difficult Classroom Conversations about Race: Faculty and Student Notes from a Law School Seminar

Friday, March 30, 2012:

Renée M. Hutchins, University of Maryland School of Law, You Can’t Handle the Truth! Appellate Review of Credibility

Friday, April 20, 2012:

Robert J. Condlin, University of Maryland School of Law, The Curious Case of Transformative Dispute Settlement: An Unfortunate Marriage of Intransigence, Exclusivity, and Hype


Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Conference, October 1-2, 2010

The conference theme was “Twenty-Five Years of Clinical Scholarship: What Have We Learned, and What Should We Work on Next?” Approximately 150 people attended, and 32 papers were presented at 16 different workshop sessions — along with several plenaries. Thanks very much to all who planned, presented, facilitated, attended, and staffed this conference!

Friday, February 4, 2011:

Douglas N. Frenkel (University of Pennsylvania Law School) & James H. Stark (University of Connecticut School of Law), “Changing Minds: The Work of Mediators and Empirical Studies of Persuasion”

Friday, March 18, 2011:

Sameer M. Ashar (City University of New York, School of Law), “Deep Critique and Democratic Lawyering in Clinical Practice”

Friday, April 8, 2011:

Susan D. Bennett (American University, Washington College of Law), Louise A. Howells (University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law), Brenda B. Blom (University of Maryland School of Law) & Deborah Kenn (Syracuse University College of Law), “Community Economic Development: A Text for Engaged Learning”


October 23, 2009

Ann Juergens, William Mitchell College of Law, “Desegregating Doctrine, Practice, and Ethics in Legal Education: Notes from the Field”

November 13, 2009

Ian Weinstein, Fordham University School of Law, “Legal Education and the Revival of Hair on Broadway: Children be Free/or/Even if the Psychometricians are Right, What About the Other 70%?”

December 4, 2009

Richard A. Matasar, New York Law School, “Clinicians, Law Schools, and the Market for Lawyers”

February 5, 2010

Eduardo Capulong, University of Montana School of Law, “Client Activism in Progressive Lawyering Theory”

February 26, 2010

Scott Cummings, UCLA School of Law, “Lawyering for Marriage Equality” (co-authored with Douglas NeJaime)

March 19, 2010

William Wesley Patton, Whittier Law School, “The Advantages of a Clientless Policy Clinic in Teaching Interdisciplinary Advocacy”

April 16, 2010

Laura Cohen, Rutgers School of Law – Newark, “Clinical Collaborations with Public Interest Organizations”


Friday, September 12, 2008
Linda F. Smith, University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law, “Judging Me:  The Interview of an Adult with Intellectual Disabilities”

Friday, October 17, 2008
Carolyn Grose, William Mitchell College of Law, “‘Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying, Planning and Dreaming:’ The Narrative Theory of Predatory Lending”

Friday, November 21, 2008
Kris Franklin, New York Law School, “Sim City: Putting Simulation-Based Clinics in Context”

Friday, January 30, 2009
Peter Joy, Washington University School of Law, and Robert R. Kuehn, University of Alabama School of Law, “Lawyering in the Academy: The Intersection of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility”

Friday, February 27, 2009
Jane Spinak, Columbia University School of Law, “Reforming Family Court: Getting it right between rhetoric and reality”

Friday, March 27, 2009
Donna Lee, City University of New York, School of Law at Queens College, “Examining Anti-Violence Activism in Asia:  Lessons to Learn and to Teach”

Friday, April 24, 2009
Nina Tarr, University of Illinois College of Law and visiting at California Western School of Law, “Law of Lawyering and Managing an Internal Law School Clinic


Friday, November 9, 2007
Robert J. Condlin, University of Maryland School of Law, “‘Every Day and in Every Way We Are All Becoming Meta and Meta,’ or How Communitarian Bargaining Theory Conquered the World (of Bargaining Theory)”

Friday, December 7, 2007
Leah A. Hill, Fordham University School of Law, and Lyn Slater, Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services & School of Law, “‘Practicing in Slow Motion’: The Development of an Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice”

Friday, January 25, 2008
Mariana Hogan, New York Law School, and J.P. (Sandy) Ogilvy, Catholic University, Columbus School of Law, “Designing a Judicial Externship Course”

Friday, February 22, 2008
Marjorie A. Silver, Touro College, Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, “Supporting Lawyers: Supervising Attorneys’ Personal Skills”

Friday, March 28, 2008
David A. Binder and Albert J. Moore, UCLA School of Law, “Demystifying The First Year: Why Professors Continually Ask Questions”

Friday, April 18, 2008
Peter Margulies, Roger Williams University School of Law, “Clinical Education and Representing Guantanamo Detainees: Identity, Efficacy, and Gatekeeping”


Friday, October 13, 2006

Jennifer Gundlach, Suffolk University Law School, “Clinicians’ Reflective Practice: A Self-Study”
Friday, November 3, 2006

Michele Pistone, Villanova University School of Law, “Bringing Clinical Legal Education to Europe: The Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned from Creating a Refugee Law Clinic at the University of Malta”

Friday, December 1, 2006

Susan Bryant, CUNY School of Law, and Elliott Milstein, American University, Washington College of Law, “Rounds: A Signature Pedagogy of Clinical Legal Education”

Friday, January 19, 2007
Jeanne Charn, Harvard Law School, “Preventing Foreclosure:  Do Clients Who Win Their Cases Keep Their Houses?”
Friday, February 23, 2007
Elizabeth Cooper, Fordham University School of Law, “The Art and Science of Teaching Skills”
Friday, March 23, 2007
James Cohen, Fordham University School of Law, “Deliberate Practice, Expert Performance and Lawyering Skills”

Fall 2005–Spring 2006

Friday, October 14, 2005
Ascanio Piomelli, University of California, Hastings College of Law, “The Democratic Roots of Collaborative Lawyering.”

Friday, November 11, 2005
Stephen Ellmann, New York Law School, “Fast Talking.”

Friday, December 2, 2005
Minna Kotkin, Brooklyn Law School, “Do What I Say, Not What I Do:  Reality Counseling in the Clinic.”

Friday, January 27, 2006
Douglas Frenkel, University of Pennsylvania Law School and James Stark, University of Connecticut School of Law, “Integrating Text and Technology in Teaching Mediation.”

Friday, February 10, 2006
Ty Alper, Boalt Hall School of Law, Anthony G. Amsterdam, New York University, Todd Edelman, Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, and Georgetown University Law Center, Randy Hertz, NYU School of Law, Rachel Shapiro Janger, O’Melveny & Myers LLP, Jennifer McAllister-Nevins, Reproductive Freedom Project, ACLU, Sonya Rudenstine, Florida Coastal School of Law & Robin Walker-Sterling, Children’s Law Center of the District of Columbia. Discussing Stories Told and Untold: Lawyering Theory Analyses of the First Rodney King Assault Trial, 12 Clin. L. Rev. 1 (2005).

Friday, April 7, 2006
Cynthia Dennis, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, “When Clinicians Move: Learning to Practice and Teach in a New Jurisdiction.”

Fall 2004–Spring 2005

November 12, 2004
Nathalie Martin, University of New Mexico School of Law, “Poverty, Culture and the Bankruptcy Code: Narratives from the Money Law Clinic.”

December 3, 2004 
Denny Curtis
, Yale Law School, discussing his article, co-authored with Judith Resnik, Teaching Billing: Metrics of Value in Law Firms and Law Schools, 54 Stanford Law Review 1409 (2001-02).

January 28, 2005
Sameer Ashar, CUNY School of Law, “Undocumented Workers, Lawyers, and the State.”

February 25, 2005  
Kate Kruse
, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law, “Fortress in the Sand.”

March 11, 2005  
Roy Stuckey
, University of South Carolina School of Law
(Taking place at Pace’s midtown offices from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., and being held in conjunction with the Conference on the CLEA Statement of Best Practices hosted by Pace Law School from March 11 to 13, 2005.)

April 1, 2005
The Clinical Theory Workshop met on April 1 at CUNY School of Law as part of a conference honoring CUNY Professor Susan Bryant and New York Law School Associate Dean Stephen Ellmann; Dean Ellmann was honored for his 20 years chairing the Clinical Theory Workshop series.

This workshop met both for its own sake and as a celebration of the past 20 years; the speaker was Angela Burton, CUNY School of Law, who discussed her paper, “Cultivating Ethical, Socially Responsible Lawyer Judgment: Introducing the Multiple Lawyering Intelligences Paradigm Into the Clinical Setting,” 11 Clinical Law Review 15 (2004).

Fall 2003–Spring 2004

September 5, 2003
Bob MacCrate, Senior Counsel, Sullivan and Cromwell LLP, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Building the Continuum of Legal Education and Professional Development.”

October 24, 2003
Conrad Johnson, Columbia University School of Law, “Lawyering in the Digital Age.”

November 7, 2003
Peter Knapp and Brad Colbert, William Mitchell College of Law (Nancy Ver Steegh of William Mitchell is a coauthor), “Is Honesty the Only Policy? Lying To Our Clients, Lying To Our Students.”

December 5, 2003
Robert Condlin, University of Maryland, School of Law, “‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’—’It’s Not Like They’re Your Friends for Christ’s Sake’: The Complicated Relationship Between Lawyer and Client.”

January 16, 2004
Jean Koh Peters, Yale Law School, and Mark Weisberg, Queen’s University, Faculty of Law (Canada), “Experiments in Listening.”

February 27, 2004
Ann Moynihan and Ian Weinstein, Fordham University School of Law, “The Dream of a Common Language: Interdisciplinary Collaboration on Behalf of Families.”

March 26, 2004
Muneer Ahmad, American University, Washington College of Law, “Lawyering for Limited English Proficient Clients.”

Fall 2002–Spring 2003

October 4, 2002
Daniel S. Medwed, Brooklyn Law School, “Actual Innocents: Considerations in Selecting Cases for a New Law School Innocence Project.”

October 18, 2002
Russell Lovell, Drake Law School, “The Drake First-Year Practicum.”

November 15, 2002
Larry Grosberg, New York Law School, “Proposal for Public Service Alternative Bar Exam” (discussing the Joint Committee Report of the Committees on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the New York State Bar Association, “Public Service Alternative Bar Examination.” (June 14, 2002)).

January 24, 2003
Jennifer Lyman, George Washington University Law School, “What’s The Problem? Learning About Problem Solving, Outside the Icebox.”

February 28, 2003
Paul R. Tremblay, Boston College Law School, “Moral Activism Manqué.”

March 28, 2003
Isabelle Gunning, Southwestern University School of Law, “Basic Interviewing Techniques” and “Basic Interviewing Model” (chapters from a forthcoming textbook on legal interviewing and counseling, being written by Robert Dinerstein, Stephen Ellmann, Isabelle Gunning and Ann Shalleck).

Fall 2001–Spring 2002

October 19, 2001
Professor Michael Perlin, New York Law School, “‘You Have Discussed Lepers and Crooks’: Sanism in Clinical Teaching.”

December 7, 2001
Professor Peter Joy, Washington University School of Law, and Professor Robert Kuehn, University of Alabama School of Law, “Ethical Considerations in Law Clinic Case and Client Selection.”

January 18, 2002
Professor Elliott Milstein, American University, Washington College of Law, “Clinical Education, Indeterminacy and the Reform of the Law School Curriculum.”

February 22, 2002
Professor Russell Engler, New England School of Law, “The MacCrate Report Turns 10: Assessing Its Impact and Identifying Gaps We Should Seek to Narrow,” with commentary by Professor Margaret Martin Barry, Catholic University of America School of Law; Dean Richard Matasar, New York Law School; and Professor Barbara Schatz, Columbia University School of Law, and with a response by Robert MacCrate.

March 15, 2002
Professor Margaret Montoya
, University of New Mexico School of Law, “Using Clinical Pedagogy and Critical Raza Theory to Forge Collaborations with K-12 Educator-Activists.”

April 19, 2002
Professor Susan Bryant, CUNY Law School, “Five Habits for Cross-Cultural Lawyering” (written with Professor Jean Koh Peters, Yale Law School).