About Us

Professor Ruti Teitel directs the Institute and collaborates with affiliated Professors Frank Munger and Barry Appleton, as well as Institute Fellows.

Transitional Justice Network

In past years, together with the six to eight students of the Transitional Justice Network Project, Professor Teitel runs a transitional justice network and blog.  Every academic year, Teitel convenes cross-cutting sessions on the latest topics and theories regarding transitional justice, inviting transitional justice practitioners and academics to present new research in the area from around the world.  Interested students, alumni, faculty and practitioners from NYLS and the larger New York area are welcome to attend.

International Economic Law Discussion Group

The International Economic Law Discussion  Group is cosponsored and co-convened by Prof. Teitel and NYU Prof. Robert Howse, and Quinn Emanuel Partner Tai-Heng Cheng, Esq.  The Group meets approximately twice a semester to discuss contemporary issues in international law and economics, such as new directions in the World Trade Organization and its Appellate Body, new frontiers regarding NAFTA, and current issues regarding Investment Courts, for example.

Lectures and Publications

The faculty and fellows of the Institute publish scholarship and present their research worldwide at lectures, conferences and other events in the United States and abroad.  The Institute convenes two C.V. Starr Lectures annually in collaboration with the Center for International Law.