Transitional Justice Network

1NYLS website Institute for Global Law and PolicyThe goal of the Transitional Justice Network is to promote global discourse among students, scholars, and professionals on issues of transitional justice. A place for discussion, where students can learn about issues in the field, scholars can link with other scholars working in similar areas, and professionals can keep up to date with trending thoughts and philosophies.




2017-2018 Events

February 20, 2018:  The israeli-Palestinian Conflict at Present and the Future of Human Rights in Israel – A Conversation with Hassan Jabareen

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October 31, 2017:  The Challenges of Negotiating Peace with Justice:  Reflections on the Current Colombian Peace Process – A Conversation with Prof. Sabine Michalowski

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October 4, 2017:  The Rise of Right-Wing Populism and Its Effect on the Israel-Palestine Conflict – A Conversation with Hassan Jabareen

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