Impact Center for Public Interest Law

Our Mission

The Impact Center for Public Interest Law is committed to using the formidable power of law and legal education to advance social justice and to have a positive impact on the public interest, promote the practice of public interest law and expand the role of public interest law in the professional development of New York Law School students.

Our Goals

To advance the public interest through law. The Impact Center engages in advocacy on a wide range of legal issues that promote the rights and liberties and social and economic empowerment of members of our community — throughout New York City, the country and the world. The Impact Center works to expand access to justice, eliminate the barriers to equal opportunity, and enhance the quality of public services.

To advance the practice of public interest law. The Impact Center works with public interest practitioners and organizations to develop theoretical perspectives and hone the expertise and skills they need to engage in effective, impactful public interest advocacy.

To develop strong, effective public interest lawyers. The Impact Center provides New York Law School students with training and experience that will help them to become highly skilled public interest advocates and public servants and helps to foster their commitment to social justice throughout their careers.

To provide experience with and appreciation for the importance of public interest law for NYLS students. The Impact Center provides NYLS students with opportunities to engage in public interest law practice, exposes them to the need for legal services for those who cannot afford them and the professional responsibility to engage in pro bono activity that increasingly informs the study and practice of law.

Our Tools

The Impact Center for Public Interest Law is the umbrella for public interest advocacy and training at New York Law School. The work of the Impact Center is guided by a Faculty Advisory Board and an Advisory Council of leading public interest law practitioners. The Impact Center uses a wide range of tools to advance its goals:

Academic programs, such as clinics, courses, capstones and seminars

Events, such as conferences, continuing legal education programs, speakers series, roundtable discussions and workshops

Publications, for both academic and general audiences, in hard copy and online

Experiential opportunities, to learn and contribute, including externships and pro bono placements

Advocacy and policy initiatives, such as amicus briefs, legislative analysis and advocacy, policy research, community education and litigation

Fellowships, for students and affiliated public interest practitioners, to support students and engage colleagues in advancing the work of the Impact Center.

The Impact Center for Public Interest Law has published a list of resources for law students and other community members who wish to take action against systemic racism and violence, including remote pro bono and volunteer opportunities as well as books, articles, and podcast recommendations to help educate you on important current social justice issues and related historical background.

Learn more in the Take Action and Summer Reading Guide.