The Law School Pipeline Project

The Law School Pipeline Project, a project of NYLS’s Impact Center for Public Interest Law, harnesses the unique skills of law students, legal educators, and practitioners to enhance the educational and career opportunities of students from underserved communities in New York City. The Project has three primary initiatives.

The Charter High School for Law and Social Justice

Professor Richard Marsico, co-director of the Impact Center and director of the Pipeline Project, is the co-founder and Board chair of The Charter High School for Law and Social Justice, a law-themed charter high school in the Bronx, New York. NYLS students are involved in several ways in the school, including legal research and advice and teaching law to the School’s students during the summer.

The Fourth Amendment Moot Court Program

The Project collaborates with the Children’s Aid Society to offer a 10-week program at NYLS dedicated to teaching high school students about the Fourth Amendment and advocacy skills, culminating in a moot court competition at NYLS. NYLS students are responsible for all aspects of the program, including teaching and coaching the high school students.


In conjunction with PENCIL and First Department Judge Rosalyn Richter, NYLS students provide a legal education program to high school students at Martin Luther King High School in Manhattan. Our students assist Judge Richter in teaching students basic legal reasoning skills and about contemporary legal issues. The program ends with a moot court argument, which last year took place in the traditional and ornate First Department Appellate Division courtroom.

For more information about participating in the Law School Pipeline Project, contact Professor Richard Marsico at