Innovation Center for Law and Technology

The Innovation Center for Law and Technology at New York Law School provides students with a cutting-edge approach to education and skills training in law and technology. Through courses, software development projects, events, and research, the Innovation Center brings together practitioners, students, and scholars to create the future of legal practice.

The Innovation Center promotes career pathways in a wide variety of areas at the intersection of law and technology, including:

  • digital transformation of the legal profession, innovation in the delivery of legal services, and the growth of technology-driven fields such as legal operations, legal design, and product counseling;
  • legaltech applications in fields such as contract automation, litigation software, legal informatics, and artificial intelligence;
  • intellectual property, data privacy, fashion, media, and entertainment; and,
  • transactional practice in areas such as intellectual property licensing, software-as-a-service agreements, and privacy policies.

A key aspect of the work of the Innovation Center is the development of sophisticated and powerful software applications and tools that aid the practice of law, support fields such as compliance and legal operations, and promote the public interest.


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