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Past Projects

Peer To Patent


Peer-to-Patent was an initiative of the IILP in cooperation with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) where NYLS students worked together to manage the project. The concept behind Peer-to-Patent is to harness a collaborative network of citizen experts to help identify and evaluate relevant prior art for consideration by patent examiners. Peer-to-Patent accomplished this by soliciting public participation in the prior art search process via the Web. For more information please visit to http://peertopatent.org/ or http://peertopatent.tumblr.com/.

IProgress Project

The IProgress Project, directed by Professor Rudolph J.R. Peritz, was aimed at promoting progress and innovation in the public interest. Its goal was improving intellectual property law and policy through research initiatives focused on law and regulatory reform, software innovation, and legal education.

The Public Interest Book Search Initiative

The groundbreaking proposed settlement in the Google Book Search case is so complex that controversy outpaced conversation and questions outnumbered answers. The Public Interest Book Search Initiative aims to help close these gaps. Professors, students, and volunteers who believe that the Google Book Search lawsuit and settlement deserve a full, careful, and thoughtful public discussion work to maintain and promote the project’s website, The Public Index, and the “D is for Digitize” conference.

DoTank (The Democracy Design Workshop)

Do Tank strives to strengthen the ability of groups to solve problems, make decisions, resolve conflict and govern themselves by designing software and legal code to promote collaboration. Tools alone cannot create a culture of strong groups. Hence Do Tank projects address the role of legal and political institutions, social and business practices and the visual and graphical technologies — what we term the “social code”– that may allow groups, not only to foster community, but to take action.Our innovation laboratory centers around three fundamental design principles.

The Handbag Project

The legal questions that this project answers are most notably in the area of consumer confusion and the concept of post-sale confusion, but it also considers the intriguing way that luxury handbags have become such a staple of modern life, and the role that both counterfeit bags and trademarks play in this. Students collect data from major fashion houses and luxury goods producers, research case precedent of intellectual property infringement, and produce research papers.

Writing Competitions Workshop

The purpose of the workshop series is to provide guidance for competing in IP writing competitions, so that students know what they need to do to enter these competitions, when to get their work completed, and how to succeed in them. Participating students discuss their paper topics with each other, meanwhile Institute professors sit in on the workshop meetings to help steer their discussions toward the competition themes.

Open Aid Register

Ruth Del Campo, Fulbright Scholar & Director of Open Aid RegisterOpen Aid Register is a New York Law School initiative funded by the Fulbright Commission and the Government of Spain. It is an initiative to speed up the process of making aid data open by helping non-profits and NGOs publish their aid data in IATI (the global standard used for publishing aid data). For more information, check out Open Aid Register.

Past Publications

Annual Reports

IILP’s annual reports detailed the Institute’s major events throughout the previous academic year.

Click here to view the IILP 2013-2014 Annual Report.

White Paper Series




Center for Patent Innovations Publications

Christopher Wong, Community Service: Adapting Peer Review to the Patenting Process, 4 ISJLP 31 (2008).

Christopher Wong & Jason Kreps, Collaborative Approach: Peer-to-Patent and the Open Source Movement, 1 IFOSS L. Rev. 15 (2009).

Peer To Patent 1st Annual Report
(prepared by Naomi Allen, Joanne Ingham, Bridgette Johnson, Joseph Merante, Beth Simone Noveck, William Stock, Yeen Tham, Mark Webbink & Christopher Wong)

Peer To Patent 2nd Annual Report
(prepared by Naomi Allen, Andrea Casillas, Jason Deveau-Rosen, Jason Kreps, Thomas Lemmo, Joseph Merante, Michael Murphy, Kaydi Osowski, Mark Webbink & Christopher Wong)