TECHJUSTICE is an interdisciplinary research and advocacy program that sits at the intersection of technology, social justice, and law. It is a brand new and unprecedented opportunity in legal education that gives law students, faculty, and community members the opportunity to consider vanguard questions of law, technology, and policy that will be at the heart of technology and social justice advocacy in the future.

TECHJUSTICE is an unprecedented program in legal education that aims to

1. Explore the ways in which new technology, from the Internet to artificial intelligence, from police body cameras to social robots, affect the rights, opportunities, and burdens imposed on marginalized groups

2. Determine how discrimination and bias are designed in to new technologies

3. Research the ways in which technology companies and governments at all levels are using surveillance and tracking tools to restrict the rights of citizens

4. Provide direct advocacy and legal counsel to victims of invasions of privacy and cyberharassment

5. Advocate for application of law and legal reform necessary to protect technology users, in general, and marginalized groups, in particular, from manipulative and discriminatory uses of technology by private companies and governments.

There are 4 parts to the TECHJUSTICE curriculum, totaling 4 courses and 1 lunchtime discussion group:

Part 1.

Take Information Privacy Law


Either: Impact Center Colloquium (for Impact Center Affiliates only) or
Race, Bias, and Advocacy

Part 2.

Take 1 enrichment course:

Internet Law
Anti-Discrimination Law and Policy
Civil Rights Law

Part 3.

Take 1 experiential course:

Cyberharassment Clinic
Technology and Social Justice externship/internship or independent study

Part 4.

Participate in the Technology for Lawyers Working Group (sessions that take place approximately 8 times per year over lunch to discuss new issues of technology policy, including issues related to data tracking, smartphone searches, behavioral advertising, and more).

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