Our curriculum is driven by our belief that law powers innovation. We teach you to be innovators: innovators in thought, in technology, in solving problems. The law is one of our tools: New York City is one of our classrooms. As a member of the Innovation Center, you will find a rigorous and exciting curriculum that focused on answering the following questions:

1.  What are the legal challenges posed by new technologies? How can we use or reform the law to encourage innovation?

2.  How have new and changing technologies forced legal rules to evolve? And why have some laws remained ossified despite great technological change?

3.  Do current laws adequately and fairly inspire innovation? Do current laws protect victims of the darker sides of new technologies?

4.  How can the practice of law be improved with new technologies?

5.  How do we protect innovators and all individuals from possible encroachments on our rights from technology?

More specifically, the Innovation curriculum includes:

Required “Core” Courses

Any two of the following:


Information Privacy Law

Intellectual Property

Internet Law

Patent Law

Trademarks and Unfair Competition

These courses are “core” Innovation Center courses. Students with an interest in practicing in a law and technology field should not graduate law school without taking at least two of these.

Required Experiential Capstone

All affiliated students must complete some experiential education as part of their law and technology education. To complete the experiential capstone requirement, students must complete an experiential class for credit.

For the experiential class for credit requirement, students may:

Institute Citizenship

We ask that our affiliates commit to planning or volunteering for at least one of our events, and to attending at least 10 hours of Innovation Center programming per year.


The Innovation Center is proud to inaugurate a certificate program that recognizes outstanding students who, upon graduation, have completed a rigorous course of specialized study in one of several Innovation Center-related fields. These certificates serve as testaments to hard work, dedication, and a commitment to a career in technology, privacy, internet, or privacy law. They also show prospective employers that NYLS and Innovation Center graduates are experts in their field and ready to work on day one.