The Innovation Center is proud to inaugurate a certificate program that recognizes outstanding Innovation Center affiliates who, upon graduation, have completed a rigorous course of specialized study in one of several Innovation Center-related fields. These certificates serve as testaments to hard work, dedication, and a commitment to a career in privacy, technology, intellectual property law, or fashion law. They also show prospective employers that NYLS and Innovation Center graduates are experts in their field and ready to work on day one.

We offer certificates to eligible Innovation Center Harlan Scholars and Associates in the following fields:

Privacy Law, or the study of how networks, computer technology, cyberspace, the cloud, and other digital technologies affect how our data is used, misused, and shared. This certificate awards students who have completed a rigorous internet and technology law curriculum.

Intellectual Property Law, or the study of protecting intangible goods, from music, theater, and television, to brand names and technological inventions. This certificate awards students who have focused considerable time and energy on vanguard issues in trademark, copyright, and patent law.

Fashion Law, or the study of the different legal issues faced by fashion brands and designers including, but not limited to, intellectual property, contracts, corporate law, commercial sales, real estate, employment, advertising law, and international trade and customs. This certificate awards students who have focused on an innovative combination of coursework and experiential learning to prepare for legal careers in the fashion industry.

These are new programs and the Innovation Center is eager to expand both the certificate program and our course offerings. Going forward, new courses and clinics will be added to each program of study. Check back during your law school career for updates.


In order to be eligible for a particular certificate, you must complete four (4) of the courses listed in your chosen field in addition to an outside-the-classroom experiential capstone.

Once you have completed your course of study but no later than one month prior to Commencement, you must submit an unofficial transcript and cover letter to the Innovation Center’s Associate Director.

Please note: There is no guarantee that every course listed below will be offered every year. Many courses are offered in alternating years and certain courses may not be offered in a given year for several reasons. Please plan your course of study accordingly.

Privacy Law

Internet Law

Information Privacy Law

Technology for Lawyers

Independent Study on Privacy and Data Security or Media Law


Cyberharassment Clinic or Post-Data Breach Litigation and Counseling

Intellectual Property Law


Trademarks and Unfair Competition

Patent Law

Patent Litigation

Entertainment Law or Fashion Law and Technology or Art Law

Intellectual Property Licensing and Drafting


Litigating Copyright and Trademark Cases or PTO Patent Clinic or PTO Trademark Clinic

Fashion Law


Trademarks and Unfair Competition

Fashion Law and Technology

Fashion Law Practicum

Intellectual Property Licensing and Drafting


Experiential Capstone